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Jul 24 2009

Videos of What Can Happen at a Police Station

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A policeman can sometimes have a rough go at it outside the office.  He might be confronted by murders, accidents, and situations that require him/her to be extremely cautious.  Let’s just say the job can be stressful.  But sometimes the hardest part of their job can actually take place inside the station.

On the flipside, some police officers must think that the station is their own personal haven where laws do not apply.  So whether it’s the humor of a drunk person acting out or a policeman fully taking advantage of a person, the station can have its moments.

Here are videos that prove those very sentiments

Do You Expect a BJ?

Town Drunk is Annoying Cop

Drunk Driver at the Station

Nice Asscrack

Taking Advantage of a Drunk Chick

Pretty Rough Treatment Here

Rip Torn’s Performance at the Station

Drunk Teen Runs into a Wall

This is pretty bad

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

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