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Jul 24 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: One Kobe Picture but Still, Kevin John, NO

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Kevin John

For some reason there is one picture of this dude where he looks like Kobe Bryant.  But it’s only one.  Other than that there isn’t one redeeming quality about this guy.

If you’re gonna post a topless picture of yourself from an angle like the one above I just don’t know what to say after that.  And come on with the line beard.  What the hell is that look?  It’s dirt dude.  It looks like dirty.

Do chicks really like this stuff?

Poop John

Kevin John Kevin John Kevin John

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One response so far

  • skate23wood

    Well, Well. What do we have here? Yup, yet another one on this list from NY/NJ, like all the rest! Beside the one guy from Philly (which is a whopping 2 minutes away!!! haha). Fuck man, the douchemaking factory of NY/NJ is working OVERTIME to spit out these prizes. Damn, every stereotype in the world rings true with all these 9 balls on this list. I really need to get out there, just to pull chick after chick. Like taking candy from a baby when you have guys like these as your competition! You poor girls that have to live out there and have these toolboxes hitting on you!!! SAD, so SAD!



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