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Jul 22 2009

Top Ten Over 45 Celebrity Women I’d want to You Know….

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Sure I guess I could have written an article entitled “The Hottest Celebrity Women over the age of 45″ but what’s the fun in that?  After all, sometimes dirtiness is a factor in my attraction to a woman.  There are plenty of good looking celebrities out there that are over 40 but that doesn’t necessarily mean you would want to have a drunken affair with them.

Also, I picked the age of 45 because in my eyes, that’s when age really starts to show.  The age of 40 is still considered MILF age and it’s also the “cougar” age.  But once you hit 45 then menopause is around the corner and Lifetime becomes your number one watched network.

But these women?  These women still got it in my eyes.

Here are my top ten over 45 celebrity women I’d want to…..

Paul Abdul – 47


I would give anything to have a complete drunken evening with this woman.  She would be an absolute fest.

Lisa Rinna – 46


Sure her lips would probably kill you but that mean face would do a body good.  Plus did you see her in Playboy?  Damn.

Elisabeth Shue – 45


Yup, she’s 45.  Can you believe that?

Demi Moore – 46


Striptease.  Enough said.

Julia Louis Dreyfus – 48


What a cutie.  I’d say it’s impossible to know this woman is 48 unless you’ve read it somewhere.

Jane Seymour – 58


Motorboating.  Yes, motorboating.

Mariska Hargitay – 45


Very pretty face and she’s pretty big so she could probably dominate.

Sophia Loren – 74


74 and the woman has still got it.  I would keep her on this list well into her 90s.

Michelle Pfeiffer – 51


Yup, 51.  Does time fly or what?

Gina Gershon – 47


I saved the best for last.  I love this woman.  And that she’s 47 is truly a miracle to me.

*Monica Bellucci – She’ll be 45 in 2 months


I had to include Monica. I predict she’ll be the hottest 50-year-old ever.

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  • http://www.alliancerecording.com Geo

    should of added lucy liu! @ 41 she’s still doing mighty fine in my opinion.

  • http://goodstuff4u.multiply.com/ goodstuff

    WOW – any port in a storm will do

  • Powerman

    You forgot Marissa Tomei (45 in December).

  • http://www.alliancerecording.com Geo

    also another 2 honorable mentions would have been Mariska hargitay from law & order fame , & Marg Helgenberger from CSI fame , both 45 & over, unlike my previous mention of 41 year old lucy liu. sorry about that.

  • Zero

    Dude, you totally forgot Jennifer Tilly. She’s 50! Not only that but still totally hot.



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