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Jul 22 2009

A Collection of Dancing Cops From Around the World

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I sit in front of a computer screen for about 12 hours each day.   It’s probably no different than what most of you do.  Though I get paid for finding pictures of hot chicks and weirdos.  Whereas you’re probably number crunching or surfing the internet pretending to do your jobs.  But no matter what we do, we get bored in our jobs.

So when that happens it’s best to get up, take a walk, get some air, or do whatever you can to get back into work mode.  But some people?  Some people dance to kill the time.  I just didn’t know that cops did it.

After reading about Tony Lapore AKA The Dancing Cop from Providence, I checked to see if there were others like him.  And oh yes, there are.

Here are videos of dancing cops from around the world

Tony Lapore AKA The Dancing Cop

Way to Protect and Serve

Dancing Russian Cop

Dancing Cop in China 2007

This is how they do in Brooklyn

Dancing Cop in the Philippines

The Samoan Skirt Wearing Dancer

Ramallah Guy Gets into It

Santa Cop

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

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