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Jul 16 2009

Well At Least Richard Jefferson is Doing it The Legal Way

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Richard Jefferson

From Yahoo

According to the New York Post, Jefferson was scheduled to marry former New Jersey Nets dancer Kesha Ni’Cole Nichols. Alas, a few days before the big day, Jefferson called off the ceremony and broke up with his fiancée.

Unfortunately, nobody told a significant number of guests. Many showed up at the Mandarin Oriental in New York City expecting to see a bride, a groom, some vows, and a kiss. Instead they found that Jefferson had gone MIA. However, he did lend his friend his AMEX Black credit card and told him to treat the guests to a fun night without him.

Bottom line.  I applaud RJ.  Why?  At least the guy has the common sense to know he’s going to be having sex with TONS of women in his remaining years in the NBA.  Also, come on man.  The dude just got traded to San Antonio.  You don’t think he’s aware of the Southern tushies down there?

At least he’s not cheating on his wife which is what I’m guessing 75% of married professional athletes do.  Either that or Jefferson is gay and he finally realized he couldn’t go through with it.

I’ll take the former.  And it would have been pretty awesome to have a free night on Richard Jefferson don’t you think?

Man his ears are funny.

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