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Jul 16 2009

Five Incredibly Badass Tornado Videos

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Of all the crazy types of destructive storms out there, I’d have to say that a Tornado is probably the most badass.   Hurricanes are cool and all but they aren’t represented by anything visual.  The only visual thing you see is wind and rain.  Maybe some lightning here and there.   But a tornado is a like a monster.  It’s “alive.”  And boy does it do some damage.

You gotta wonder about those people that do these insane tornado watches with all that equipment like in the movie Twister.  I mean are they just asking to be killed?

I guess somebody has to do it.  And thankfully they do because here are five videos that really capture some great aspects of tornadoes

2003 Manchester Tornado

These guys are nuts

Tornadoes and Lighting Rare Video

National Geographic doesn’t mess around

A Tornado Passes Over

Who the hell films this stuff?  The sounds are eerie.

Tornado Destruction

Watch one of the houses just get sucked right up into the air


Love the piano soundtrack

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