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Jul 15 2009

A Collection of Harmless Computer Pranks To Piss off Your Friends

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Need to kill some time?  Need to get a laugh this afternoon?  For those of you at work or near friends’ computers this short little read might be for you.

We’re long gone from the days of emails that say “check this out!” and all of a sudden you click on a button and gay porn pops up.  Those things are primitive these days.  Plus nearly every email that’s not from someone you know should be deleted anyway.

But if you really want to amuse yourself then you can try these simple little tricks that will have your friends and co-workers reeling in agony.  And the best part is, they’re harmless and usually require one click of a button to fix.


The Imaginary Desktop

The Immediate Shutdown

The Disappearing Computer Prank

100s of Popup Boxes

The Reverse Mouse Prank

Google Language Prank

Saving Files Sucks

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

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  • itguy

    Nice computer pranks are fun. Here are some other ones we play on the noob IT guys in our building:

    Tape over button of Laser mouse lens.
    Remotely run a program that opens and closes the CD rom drive.
    Remotely run a program that looks like the blue screen of death.
    Remotely run a program that makes fart noises every now and then.
    Put a loop back cable in their Network adapter so that they can’t get to any websites but if they ping them it comes back as reachable (super nerdy)

    Sometimes I put a text file on peoples desktop that says FBI on it and then in the inside put a bunch of fake code/gibberish. People think they are being watched.

    Ahh computer pranks are the best

  • itguy

    Oh yea computerpranks.com has some great ones

  • http://njfrogman.blogspot.com/2009/07/topless-megan-fox-pictures.html Barack Obama

    I still like the ‘Topless Megan Fox’ ones…click my name & send THAT link to all your uncoached male friends…

  • James Robison

    This is dangerous stuff to be posting, People depend on their pcs for medical treatments, their jobs, vital communication. Please take down this pre-adolescent junk–it’s not funny.

  • James is Hilarious


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  • anonymous

    “vital communication”

    i dont care if you are an astronaut/doctor/political dissident,
    you jerk off like everybody else. you still laugh at asinine humour.
    this just caught you on the wrong day.

    dont spread your butthurt on my intarwebs, faggot.

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  • http://www.stinksnthings.com/ Stinky Steven

    Very cool pranks ideas. simple yet efficient.

    I got also some funny pranks ideas for pc, a lot of them does not require any reprogramming..



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