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Jul 13 2009

The 5 Best Videos of Webcam Julia

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For those of you not familiar with Webcam Julia, she is an internet sensation hailing from Germany.  She’s known for these cute little webcam videos that she puts out where she is dancing in slutty clothes to very happy sounding German techno music that she in fact sings to.

I still haven’t figured out if Julia is the real singer (I think she is).  It’s tough to determine what Julia wants to be.  I’m not sure if she wants to be a pop star, remain with just these videos and grow that business, or eventually turn to extremely raunchy German hardcore porn.  Clearly the latter is what I’m hoping for here.

We could always use another spretzin and froogin maufen star.   Zee Germans.  They really know their bodily fluids.

In any event I dug up five videos of this young lady that I thought you’d enjoy

Private Act Sexy Song

This video is proof that no matter how bad a song is I will continue watching videos like this in their entirety.

Ring My Bells

Ditto for the first video.

Sex on the Beach

Can you imagine running into this chick on the sidewalk if she were holding that giant banana?  I mean come on.  How is she not in porn?  It’s pretty ridiculous.

Her FHM Shooting

I’d like an explanation on the choice of music here.   Is this photo shoot supposed to be inspirational or something?

Potato Sack Race on Die Niels Ruf Show

Bikinis would have been way better but this will do.

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