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Jul 09 2009

Women’s Lacrosse At Delaware Absolutely Owns

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Women’s Lacross at Delaware

Of all of the “rugged” women sports, I think Lacrosse might be the only one I haven’t covered.  To me it’s got the same feel as soccer and field hockey.  And I don’t mean the sports themselves.  I mean the types of girls that play those sports.   You know, drinks a lot, gets sloppy but can still be hot? So let’s just start off with the Lacrosse team from Delaware shall we?

And why Delaware?  Well because the school has a 6 to 1 girl to guy ratio for one.  Second is that these girls definitely know how to party.  Third.  I would say at least 1/3 of the girls on this squad are legitimately attractive.  Now how often does that happen?

Here you’ll get the typical tongue to tongue, gangster pose type of stuff one would expect from any social networking profile picture.  Some kids just never learn.

Go Bluehens!

This dude is awesome

Nope, THIS is awesome

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 Women’s Lacross at Delaware   Women’s Lacross at Delaware   Women’s Lacross at Delaware  Women’s Lacross at Delaware

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