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Jul 06 2009

After Yesterday, Andy Roddick Has Certainly Earned My Respect

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Having watched what may have been the most historic 5th set of any Grand Slam, the one thing that I took out of that match (other than the solidification of Roger Federer being the best player ever), was that Andy Roddick showed that he could compete with the best, and possibly be the best at some point.

By no means am I saying he’s better than Federer or Nadal.  I’m just saying it was nice to see Roddick finally play at that level.  I for one, didn’t like Roddick before yesterday.  It just sort of annoyed me that the guy always seemed to choke against the world’s best.  It almost seemed like the dude didn’t care.  But perhaps that wasn’t the case at all.

Perhaps these other guys were just better than him.  But it was tough to agree with that considering his serve and power of his forehand.  The guy just needed to pull it together for an entire match.  And up until yesterday it always seemed that Roddick fell short.  But not only fell short, got his ass kicked.

Well that certainly wasn’t the case yesterday.  In fact, I really think that Roddick should have won.  And personally I thought after that 6-2 tie break choke, that Roddick would get reamed.  It was nice watching a different result.  One where both players didn’t let up.  It was that damned sun.  Who would have thought the sun would have screwed with a player at Wimbledon?

While all the praise might go to Federer for this historic win, I hope it means some great things out of Roddick in Flushing this year.

That is all.

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  • Brandon Brown

    Yeah I’ve been a Roddick fan since I watched him play Michael Chang in his first televised match in the 2001 French Open, he’s always wanted to win, I’ve never questioned his desire. Yesterday pretty much sucked for me, nothing against Roger but Roddick is my favorite player. I wanted it so bad for him, in a wierd way he reminds me of Goran Ivanisevic.



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