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Jul 03 2009

Some of the Most Ridiculous Yahoo Baseball Profiles Part 2

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A few weeks ago I brought you five pictures of baseball players that should probably be wiped off the books.  Well, as the fantasy season trolls on and my team continues to fight, I’m always scanning the player profiles for things out of the ordinary.

I just happened to stumble across another 6 profile pictures that were noteworthy of a making fun of session.


Reed Johnson

Yahoo Profile

What is with these vagina goatees?  Literally.  Did players decide to channel the days when women didn’t shave down there and decide this was going to be the new look?  Let’s tone it down guys.

Matt Kemp

Yahoo Profile

I can’t stand that half smile “somebody farted” kind of look.  Just lift up the other side of your face bud.

CJ Wilson

Yahoo Profile

This guy is either trying to be an old wise Asian man or he’s trying to elicit some kind of tough biker look.  Thankfully Wilson shaved all that crap off and doesn’t look like this anymore.

Christian Guzman

Yahoo Profile

OK, well I can certainly allow the Batman goatee.  That thing is badass.

Derek Holland

Yahoo Profileportman

Yup.  I had no idea she was a major leaguer either.

Brad Thompson

Yahoo ProfileGood Guy

Well at least he’s one of the “good guys.”  Ba dum ching!

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