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Jul 02 2009

The 10 Biggest Fantasy Baseball Sluts So far This Year

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Anyone who is in a fantasy baseball league should know what I’m talking about here.  What exactly is a fantasy baseball slut?  Well just like a slut in real life, these guys get around.  They move from owner to owner, pleasuring them, teasing them, and then of course leaving them.

You think you might hold on to this player but after one implosion or a series of crappy at bats, they head right back to where they belong:  the waiver wire.

So who are the biggest fantasy baseball sluts so far?

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Felipe Lopez


All that eligibility is tasty isn’t it?  And so is his average and tease of steals.  Only issue is that he gets hurt.  He’ll never really score 100 runs and he’ll probably never get 20 steals ever again.  But still it’s fun to use him for a couple of day.

Kendry Morales


Is he great?  Can he potentially get 100 rbi?  Isn’t it a joy because he’s 1b and OF eligible?  You just never know where to put these guys.

Jason Kubel


25 and 100?  Maybe.  Is it likely?  No.  But that he’s batting over .300 is encouraging.  However he’s just not good enough to keep on your roster for a prolonged period of time is he….No he’s not.

Mark Teahen


Again, another tease.   All that eligibility and potential just keeps owners picking him up and then when he goes 0 for 8 it’s right back to the wire for him.

Scott Hairston


Any time a dude bats like 400 and gets 3 home runs in a week he gets picked up.  But then you see how funny his face looks and see his career number and drop the hell out of him.


Michael Wuertz


Closer?  No.  Good reliever?  Sure this year.  He can fill in your spots but he’s just not gonna close unless something drastic happens to all of the A’s relief.

Leo Nunez


Lindstrom is an absolute psycho and every single time he implodes Nunez is picked up. And now it looks like those that held onto Nunez are flying high.  Nice work dudes.

Juan Cruz


The Joakim Soria watch!

Kyle Lohse


The last 3 seasons.  Great start, crappy continuation.  Just pick him up at the beginning of the year and drop him after 4 starts.  But some owners just keep clinging.  The injury has kept him quiet but watch the pimps go nuts if he gives one quality start.

Matt Palmer


You could also substitute any no name pitcher guy who has potential here.  Feldman, Outman, Blanton, Wells.  Take your pick.  These guys are thrown around more than Whitney Houston.

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  • Ruah

    What sized leagues do you play in where Kubel isnt a must own? He smashes right handed pitchers(who he’ll face most of the time) and had respectable #4-5 OF numbers last year. If you’re in a league that has 5 active OF or is a 12 teamer or more, he is ownable….and should stick on your roster.



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