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Jul 31 2009

Kana Tsugihara Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more Kana Tsugihara

I tell ya I don’t really have a fetish for Asian women like a lot of guys do, but when I saw this Kana chick it was definitely reason to start up this fetish.  It’s tough to tell from the picture above but this woman has guns.  And I’m talking about huge blasts.

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The Portfolio

Le Bon Keibler Stephanie Gemma Alessandria Aida Hot Krupa

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Jul 31 2009

Pre-Teen Beauty Queens are More Than Disturbing

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Child Beauty Queen

I have to admit, it has taken me and is currently taking me every bit of strength in my being to not throw up again.  Having seen this child beauty pageant video, I am now scarred for life.  And I always knew how disgusting a world this is, but to be reminded of it is just something I don’t need right now.

I mean technically it’s not a crime for parents to make their under 10 daughters do this stuff, but I definitely think it should be.   In fact I think some of these mothers really deserve to be behind bars for prolonged periods of time.

And you wonder why girls have sex at age 11 now.  For Christ’s sake, what is wrong with us?

Check out these pictures…if you dare.

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Jul 31 2009

The Airplane Toilet Paper Experiment

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What happens when you roll toilet paper down the aisle of an airliner and then flush?

Mark Malkoff conducts an experiment to find out while he lives aboard an AirTran airplane for 30 days.

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Jul 31 2009

She’s Uncoachable: 44-Year-Old Alison Armitage is a Big Bag of Sex Appeal

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Alison Armitage

Alison Armitage is a British actress and model. Under the pseudonym Brittany York, she was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for October 1990.

Armitage had a leading role in the television series Acapulco H.E.A.T. from 1998 to 1999.  She has also had bit parts in movies such as Jerry Maguire and Driven.

And she’s also 44.  She’ll certainly be a candidate for the hottest women over 50 someday.  I’m a huge fan of this woman.  Huge fan.

More of Armitage after the jump

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Jul 31 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: Neto

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This is the only picture I’m going to show of this guy.  Do we need any others?  Seriously?

I didn’t think so.

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Jul 31 2009

Bill O’Reilly Is Officially Not into Women

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“NAKED LADIES!”  Strutting their stuff.  Dude, shut up.  This is one of the best commercials in the history of anything.   Is it a cheap ploy to sell more Guitar Heros?  If using sex as a weapon to sell anything is a cheap ploy then sure.

I guess we should just remove every single ad from any beer company, video game company, internet company, television network, movie studio, sports network, building company, food company…um, you get my drift.

Come on Mr. O’Reilly.  Admit it.  You were home last night dreaming about the chubby guy and then got all pissed because the video was ruined by hot chicks.

“We’ll Do it live!”

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Jul 31 2009

The 15 Hottest All Girl Bands of All Time

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Girls Aloud

A little while ago Rock the List came out with this 42 girl band pictorial.   While I thought the list was pretty solid, 42 seemed like an awfully high number.  And sure enough,  not even half of the pictures were of the hot quality we’ve all come to know and love here on Uncoached.

So I decided to slim it down and find some pictures of my own.  And I hope that all you aspiring girl bands out there know something.  There are two kinds of girl bands that make it.  Bands where the talent is ridiculously high.   And then there’s bands where the talent level makes zero difference.  It’s just how hot you are.

So here is a list I’ve made of the 15 hottest all girl bands of all time.

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Jul 31 2009

The 10 Best Seinfeld Characters Who You Never Saw

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Over ten years passed and I’m still obsessed with Seinfeld.  It’s still the best show on television despite the fact I’ve seen every episode at least twenty times.  And as my interest for the show only keeps growing I find more and more things each day to recognize.

Today?  Today it’s time to recognize those characters you only hoped could have come to life on the show.  They’re used in anecdotes, lies, or any situation where warranted.

Here’s a look at the 10 Best Seinfeld characters who you never actually saw

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Jul 31 2009

Friday’s Funbag: Geneva Motorshow Girls, Click a Chick, and An Important Username

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Car Show

Click on the photo to see Geneva’s Motorshow girls

You see that picture above?  Nope, these aren’t actual girls from the motorshow.  But as I’ve made it abundantly clear in the neighborhood of 1600 times, it really don’t matter now does it.  No, it doesn’t.  At all.  Like not ever.

More car chicks at Uncoached’s Facebook Group

The Funbag

The latest in ridiculously hot chicks – [Bustedcoverage]

What your username says about you – [Cracked]

Are you embarrassed to buy condoms? – [Asylum]

Clearly hot British chicks won’t piss you off – [Nuts]

This seven year old kid can dance – [Break]

Usain Bolt loses to a fat guy with a head band – [FHM]

There is a vintage Madonna sex tape for sale – [Spike]

Please remove those things from your naked body – [Holytaco]

This video will punk your dinosaur – [Filmdrunk]

The best photoshops of John Daly – [Gunaxin]

Surefire ways to predict the winner of a fight – [The Bachelor Guy]

Kendra Wilkinson takes massive dumps – [Don Chavez]

Abigail Clancy is looking pretty sexy – [Attuworld]

CJ Miles has one fine ass – [Flisted]

It’s the celebrity butt pop quiz – [Cityrag]

The shake weight is kind of inappropriate – [Tastybooze]

In case you missed the hump day hotties – [Funtasticus]

Woman is literally in love with a roller coaster – [Blog of Hilarity]

I think Ashley Tisdale is kind of hot now – [Screenjunkies]

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Jul 30 2009

Michelle Baker Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more of Michelle Baker

There are just 4 days left for Maxim’s Hometown Hotties semifinalists to get out the vote so really I’m just making excuses for posting hot chicks.  The best part about these excuses is that I’ll never run out of them.

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The Portfolio

Jasmine Bikini Amber Miryan Moinet Geri Eva MAntea

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