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Jun 27 2009

Sexy Saturday: Incredibly Hot Car Model Randyl Dawn

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Randyl Dawn

You might recognize Ms. Randyl Dawn from an article I did not too long ago.  You see Randyl is one of those Falken Tires models.  But what’s even more lovely about Randyl is that she’s only 21-years-old.

And the reason that’s so great is that it makes me 9 years old than Randyl.  9-Years-old is how old my niece is.  So basically I’m an entire person older than Randyl.

You’ll have to excuse me.  It’s Saturday, I’m hungover, and looking at Randyl’s ass isn’t helping matters much.

More of Randyl after the jump

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Jun 27 2009

The Weekend Wash: Kellie Maines Leads the Way, USA vs. Brazil, and Pinup Picture History

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Click on the photo for more Kellie Maines

I have posted Kellie on this site before and may I just say that I have plenty of regrets in my life but putting this woman on this here site is not one of them.  It’s an absolute pleasure to look at her photos from time to time.

More pleasurable pictures at Uncoached’s Facebook Group

The Wash

The USA vs. Brazil Model Showdown – [COED Magazine]

50 of the hottest pinup pictures of all time – [Asylum]

Raechel Holtgrave is Miss Hooterss International 2009 – [Bustedcoverage]

Brazilian bikini clad babes duke it out – [Doubleviking]

Are these soldiers or comedians? – [The Chive]

The Most annoying commercials on TV right now – [Manofest]

Kramer eats his own words over Lenny Dykstra – [Celebrity Odor]

Nikkala Scott, I’m speechless – her legs, God damn – [Holytaco]

Sexy Audrina Patridge Carl’s commercial – [NS4W]

Isabel Lucas is absolutely stunning – [Epic Carnival]

This is why car doors exist – [Withleather]

The sexy ladies of poker make me want to gamble – [Gunaxin]

Let’s see what the hottest news reporter ever is up to – [Flabber]

21 Extremely funny tombstones – [Don Chavez]

Go-Kart Madness at its finest – [Attuworld]

The eight crappiest transformer disguises – [Cracked]

Japanese kid learns a very important lesson – [Blog of Hilarity]

Irina Sheik is some kind of hot chick – [Flisted]

It’s Jennifer Lopez nipple slip time! – [Cityrag]

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Jun 26 2009

Flexible Women Lead the PM Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more flexible women

The human body is capable of many things.  Most of those things are pretty gross.  But some of them are awesome.  You know what?  They’re not even going to try and justify this gallery.  This is just a lot of attractive women stretching

Other kinds of hot women at Uncoached’s Facebook Group

The Portfolio

Madison Koozie Budd Nikki Long Nets Dancers Bilson Hotties Kim K

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Jun 26 2009

Food Landscapes Made with Bacon and Other Meats: Yes, Bacon

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These pictures are called Food Landscapes for Meat Lovers; at first glance, these images look like painted landscapes covered in snow. However, if you look a little more closely you will see that the landscape is made of bacon and other cold cuts. These aren’t paintings but true photos.  Also everything you can see in the photograph is made of real food.

Pictures were photographed by Carl Warner, a photographer who works in London, and who made specialty of these food landscapes. In recent years he has been commissioned by many advertising agencies throughout Europe to produce his distinctive images for clients in the food industry. Each scene is photographed in layers from foreground to background.

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Jun 26 2009

World of Warcraft Tool Gets Tased and Gets Away

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Wow.  I mean Wow.  I guess evoking angels works huh?

I have a question.  Did this guy have to learn that entire song?

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Jun 26 2009

She’s Uncoachable: Sexy Italian Blond Showgirl, Maddalena Corvaglia

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Maddalena Corvaglia

Here’s a little Google tranlsated Wikipedia entry on Maddalena Corvaglia:

Volunteer at the age of 17 years in the contest Miss Italy, was selected among the 100 finalists, having won the title of Miss Wella Umbria. At the beginning of 2009 Maddalena is engaged with Marco Castoldi, singer and pianist best known as Morgan, a former singer of the group Bluvertigo, now the judge in the transmission of Raidue “X Factor” (where are launched young singers) along with Simona Ventura and Mara Maionchi.

So now that you know that are you any more intrigued?  I just like that she’s Italian but blond.  That’s rare.  I like brunettes better but I’ll take Maddalena any day.

More pics after the jump

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Jun 26 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: Mark the Incredible is….Incredible

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Mark the Incredible

I only mean this in the sincerest way.  I really want to hang out with Mark the Incredible.  And no people.  Don’t comment on this and say that Mark is mentally retarded and that I’m being a dick.

He’s a mentally normal guy.  He just looks like an idiot.  But are you telling me it wouldn’t be amazing to haze this guy for a few hours?  Imagine making him try to drink a gallon of milk.

This guy is a barrel of laughs and I mean a big barrel.


Mark the Incredible Mark the Incredible Mark the Incredible

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Jun 26 2009

No Matter Which Way you Cut It, Michael Jackson Was Not a Good Man

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After reports of Michael Jackson’s death there are tons of new articles going around showing tribute for the late pop star.  Many of the articles are glorifying the man, and quite frankly many blogs out there are trying to take advantage of this news by posting Michael Jackson lists, etc etc.   I just find it curious because if he were still alive would the Michael Jackson molester jokes still be coming?  You’re damned right they would.

Am I denying Jackson’s star power?  No.  Was he an amazing entertainer?  Guy was probably the most influential and captivating pop star in the history of the world.  It’s a toss up between him, The Beatles and perhaps Elvis as guys who got the biggest rise out of an audience than anyone.

And don’t get me wrong.  The guy was fantastic as a kid and well into the 80s and early 90s.  His musical success should certainly be noted.  But are we forgetting something here?

Michael Jackson was a child molester, through and through.  And that in my eyes warrants no sympathy.  Personally I think taking advantage of a child is worse than murder.  So while Jackson’s musical career may have been one of the best of all time, it doesn’t excuse the fact that he was an extremely problematic and bad person.

You molest children?  You’re not a good guy, period.  Let us please not forget this when we’re revering him over the next week.

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Jun 26 2009

Random Hot Girls Having Fun to Round Out the Week

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Vacation Girls

As summer really starts to kick into high gear so does alcohol consumption by today’s youth.  Am I considered part of today’s youth?  I seriously doubt it.  Something tells me that once you turn 30 the term “youth” goes away.  Sure I get the term “young” thrown at me all the time.  It’s just funny because the only people who call me young are those over 40.

Yeah I think it’s safe to say my days of youth are over.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy those that are young enjoying their youth.  Well that would be females of course.

And what better a way to send you off into the weekend than with this fine youthful exuberance gallery?

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Jun 26 2009

10 Ridiculous Alley Oop Plays

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The Alley Oop play.  It’s a great play.  It’s an entertaining play.  It’s a challenging play.  It’s one of those plays that can literally change the tempo of a game.  Notice I didn’t say momentum.

Did you know that momentum is 100% used the wrong way by sports announcers?  There’s no such thing as momentum in a basketball game.  Momentum is a scientific term used to describe the relationship between mass and velocity.  So I’m not sure how that term got into the mix.

Tempo of a game on the other hand is acceptable.  It’s a term describing speed and rhythm.  In any event, here are some awesome alley oops.

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