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Jun 29 2009

Take a Look At the World’s Largest Passenger Aircraft to Date

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From Torontoist

As Emirates flight 241 approached the runway on its inaugural flight into Toronto yesterday afternoon, a few audible gasps could be heard from the crowd gathered against the windows of Terminal 1. There was no debate: this aircraft was enormous.

Um.  Yeah.  This thing is an absolute monster.

Introduced into commercial service in October of 2007, the Airbus A380 is part of a new class of “superjumbo” airliners that not only carry a larger number of passengers on long-haul flights, but also introduce a new standard of luxury. Emirates is to be the largest operator of 380s, currently with five in service and fifty-three more on order at a cost of $19 billion.

From High Def televisions to stairwells to minibars to your own shower, this Airbus is no joke.

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Jun 29 2009

A Lesson in Parenting: Perhaps Be With the Child….

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Instead of filming the child like a jackass.  I can’t imagine how much pain that little boy must have been in.  I’ve been kicked by a horse before and it left a welt for a good 3 weeks.

Come on Dad.  What the hell is your problem bud?

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Jun 29 2009

She’s Uncoachable: Race Car Driver Distraction Model, Jessiqa Pace

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Jessiqa Pace

After reading this in in Extra Mustard last week I knew I’d have to follow up with a gallery.

A billboard featuring model Jessiqa Pace on the racetrack at the Monaco Grand Prix had to be removed because it distracted the Formula 1 drivers.

I mean that’s gotta say something.  This girl is so damned attractive that men whose job it is to not be distracted needed her picture removed.  She’s that hot.

And I happen to agree.  Her face is ridiculous.

Pictures after the jump

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Jun 29 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: I Like How He Spells Papagorgio

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I never realized it was pronounced “Papa Gore Ghee Oh.”   Nice work brother.   Do you think if I asked this guy what Nick Papageorgio was from he would know?

Do you think if I asked him what an asshat is would he know?  Would this guy know how to make a chocolate soufflet?

At this point I’m really just amusing myself to see if you’re reading.

What a meathead

Papagorgio Papagorgio Papagorgio

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Jun 29 2009

The 2009 Dyke Marches Didn’t Exactly Induce Any Lesbian Fantasies

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Dyke Parade

If you were looking for hot blonds, oil, and sexy bodies showcasing their love for each other you picked the wrong day.  If you were looking for hairy pits, buzz cuts, and women that could easily beat you up, then you should have shown up at any of the Dyke Parades that went on this weekend.

If there’s a reminder out there that lesbians being merry in a naked and sexy way doesn’t exist outside of a strip club or a porno movie, then the Dyke marches that take place every year certainly bring me back to reality.

Good God these women would destroy me.  I can’t imagine the stench from the vegan diets and petruli oil.

I should have watched the Gay Pride Parade.  That thing is way more interesting.


Dyke Parade Dyke Parade Dyke Parade Dyke Parade Dyke Parade Dyke Parade Dyke Parade Dyke Parade

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Jun 29 2009

The 10 Sexiest Fast Food Commercials of All Time

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With the latest in sexy fast food ads, Audrina Patridge took the stage with her Carl’s Jr Commercial last week.   I have to admit, while I will never, ever eat at Carl’s Jr. I have to applaud their marketing efforts.  This is the third time these guys have gone out of their way to make a ridiculously sexy commercial having little to do with their product.

So that got me thinking.  What other fast food outlets have used sex as a weapon in their commercial arsenal?   Well, it looks like they all have at some point, along with a couple of chains you may not have heard of.

Here are the 10 sexiest fast food commercials of all time

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Jun 29 2009

If You Don’t Hate Perez Hilton Himself, Then I Definitely Hate You

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How can you possibly like this person?

I am writing this post per the request of one of my buddies.  And personally I think it was long overdue.  Let me first begin by saying that I respect anyone who can grow a business into the millions.  Hell I even respect a drug dealer who can rise above to become a total drug lord.  It doesn’t mean I condone it.  It just means I understand the work it takes to get that far.

So Perez Hilton?  I respect the growth of his site.  However, that has nothing to do with the degree to which he’s a total douchebag.  And let’s just scrap the gay thing.  I couldn’t care less that he’s gay.  The man (thing) is an absolute pile of toolness.  There is zero reason a person like that should be walking the earth.

Why?  Just look at this guy.  Do I even have to explain?  Honestly.  Do I?  Anyone who reads this site should understand me instantly.  Yes, I think Hilton should be exiled to a deserted island.   We really don’t need this guy around, like ever.

And just to prove my point, here are five videos that you’ll absolutely hate (we only really need one).

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Jun 29 2009

Monday’s Madness: Missouri Hooters Car Wash, Naked Chick Likes Paris, and Balls in the Face

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Click on the photo for the Missouri Hooter’s Bikini Car Wash

The Bikini Car Wash team from the Springfield, Missouri Hooters continues to cool off this summer with its weekly sudsing of random cars. And thankfully, a dedicated photographer had been there to document their work.

More suds at Uncoached’s Facebook Group

The Madness

Only in Paris, Hot Naked Chick walking down the street – [The Chive] (SFW)

A Gallery of balls hitting people in the face – [Holytaco]

This might be the best waterslide ever – [Nuts]

The Five most hated creatures on the planet – [Cracked]

Most men prefer food to sex – [Asylum]

And who wouldn’t love watching Megan Fox get groped? – [Cityrag]

One of the worst (and lamest) freakouts ever – [Withleather]

The hottest Jemimah I’ve ever seen – [Sublime Blog]

Hollywood heavy hitters going toe to toe – [Bullzeye]

The top ten sexiest German girls – [Attuworld]

This is one of the weirdest robots I’ve ever seen – [Flabber]

Setting the celebrity twitterers straight – [Don Chavez]

In case you missed the tremendous Thursday cans – [Funtasticus]

Too soon for a Michael Jackson cartoon and jokes? – [DJ Mick]

The greatest iPhone icons ever – [Tastybooze]

I will never get tired of Katie Price boob grabbing – [The Grumpiest]

A host of angry letters from Michael Bay – [Screenjunkies]

In case you missed all the sexy ladies of the week – [Takeareport]

Another episode of Zero to Slut in 60 Seconds – [Atom]

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Jun 28 2009

Sunday’s Picture of the Week: Panties in a Twist

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No Sweetheart.  Thank YOU

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Jun 28 2009

Sports Sunday: Is This what They Call Urban Gymnastics?

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Ooooohhh.  I used the word “urban.”  I guess because this guy is black and they’re playing rap music I’m a racist right?  Well come on people.  If it were a white skinny guy who wasn’t ripped playing on a jungle gym what the hell would I have here?

Seriously though.  This is quite extraordinary.  I’m really wondering whether or not this dude was a real gymnast.  If not, he’s got a hell of a physique not to mention a ridiculously lucky genetic code.

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