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Jun 26 2009

No Matter Which Way you Cut It, Michael Jackson Was Not a Good Man

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After reports of Michael Jackson’s death there are tons of new articles going around showing tribute for the late pop star.  Many of the articles are glorifying the man, and quite frankly many blogs out there are trying to take advantage of this news by posting Michael Jackson lists, etc etc.   I just find it curious because if he were still alive would the Michael Jackson molester jokes still be coming?  You’re damned right they would.

Am I denying Jackson’s star power?  No.  Was he an amazing entertainer?  Guy was probably the most influential and captivating pop star in the history of the world.  It’s a toss up between him, The Beatles and perhaps Elvis as guys who got the biggest rise out of an audience than anyone.

And don’t get me wrong.  The guy was fantastic as a kid and well into the 80s and early 90s.  His musical success should certainly be noted.  But are we forgetting something here?

Michael Jackson was a child molester, through and through.  And that in my eyes warrants no sympathy.  Personally I think taking advantage of a child is worse than murder.  So while Jackson’s musical career may have been one of the best of all time, it doesn’t excuse the fact that he was an extremely problematic and bad person.

You molest children?  You’re not a good guy, period.  Let us please not forget this when we’re revering him over the next week.

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  • hybrid

    Wait wait wait,so you have conclusive proof that Michael Jackson molested those children?Why didn’t you step up and get him in jail during his trial then?

    If you don’t know what really happened,then don’t assume anything.You’re making an ass out of yourself.

  • Realist

    Well said. I thought I was the only one who remembered the time…….that he was a pervert

  • Natty


    You’re not being serious are you? Don’t ever come back to this site. Ever.

  • almeister

    History has a habit of glossing over such things– One of the commentators on CNN went that same route before he was cut off for another scene from “Thriller”.

    There is a special place in hell for the child molesters of the world–enjoy the afterlife MJ!!

  • http://uncoached ko1966

    Yeah, it seems that at best he had inappropriate relationships with children. At worst, he was a sexual predator. He paid off the kids family as part of a civil suit. He was a bad person

  • Matt

    Hybrid makes a point. The guy was never convicted. He also had hundreds of kids stay at Neverland and all but three of them said he never did anything of the sort.

    Was he fucked up? Yeah.
    Did he molest those kids? Yeah, probably.

    But I’d say it’s just about as probable that a few kids’ parents wanted a payday from someone who was once worth a couple hundred million. Considering the vast majority of Michael’s houseguests and others vouch for his innocence, I’d say it could go either way.

    I don’t think Michael was a saint or even a role model. He was a severely deranged guy who could sing and dance and perform like no other. But this is America, asshole, if a court didn’t convict him, he’s not a child molestor.

    Go ahread. Tell me to never come back to this site, too. I don’t know what my RSS reader will do without the one post a month on this site that is actually entertaining and worth reading. Self-righteous ass.

  • Natty

    Hey Matt, thanks for taking the time to visit!

  • magistry

    @hybrid and matt,

    I will 3rd you guys. The man was seriously screwed up in the head. But he was just a child himself. He never had to grow up due to the fact that he’s been financially secure for his entire life. Mix that in with the a*shole paparazzi’s and the tabloids and the constant media attention and you’ll get some $$ grubbing parents telling their kids to tell a policeman that MJ touched them in their private parts.

    Seriously people, give the guy some respect. He hasn’t even been dead for 24 hours.

  • Natty

    By no means am I denying him respect as an entertainer. Just not as a human being.

    All of you certainly make valid points. I’m simply saying that it looks overwhelmingly likely that the man was a child molester and I think that child molesters are the lowest people on earth.

  • hybrid

    Natty,you can have your prerogative,but fact to the matter is that he was never convicted.You can’t go around claiming things that you can’t prove.

    No doubt Michael was more fucked up than most people on Earth,but you can’t attach anything to a person’s legacy,especially if it’s never been proved.Let’s see:
    Phenomenal entertainer,yes he was.
    Weird as hell,yes he was.
    Convicted of child molestation,never in his life.
    Charged with child molestation,but never convicted,yes he was.

    I know his goings-on with children at his Neverland Ranch can be called odd at best,but is it so hard to think that Michael might have the mind of an overgrown child and has never harbored any ill intentions towards children?How would you know he was a pedophile,instead of this very rich,kind eccentric?It might be unlikely,but we’ll all readily admit that Michael has the mind of an overgrown child,even labeling his home after Peter Pan’s.So why don’t we just give him the benefit of the doubt,especially when there’s no proof against him except the testimony of the children and their parents?

  • cool h’whip

    There was no proof. Once someone accused me of farting in an elevator and it wasnt me. no matter what i said those people still think it was and its not fair. Fuck George Washington for owning slaves take that Asshole off my money!!! Now!!

  • http://uncoached ko1966

    He paid off the family of the child he was accused of molesting. I don’t care if he was ever convicted. The only tragedy in this story is that there are families who took money to stay quiet while Michael assaulted other children. He was sick and I hope he enjoys his time in hell.

  • grantmichaels

    a creep, inappropriate in his relation w/ children … all yes …

    child molester – unfounded to date, and so now somehow with his passing, i’m willing to just remember him as an entertainer and appreciate that …

    mind you, only because it was never proven and a lot of me believes that if it was true, it would have been proven by now …

    i’m not sure this post is in good taste, however, that isn’t why i subscribe …

  • Schmuck

    why do we feel the need to kiss dead people’s a$$es? whenever someone famous dies, everyone talks about how great they were. i’m not commenting on MJ, cuz like many others said “no conviction, no guilt” – eventhough we all kinda know…

    i’m just sayin’…

  • tim d

    Natty.. This was one of the best things I have read in a long time!

  • Stucco

    @hybrid- Al Capone was never convicted of murder. If you think the courts have anything to do with guilt, you’re high. Share whatever it is you are smoking.

    Michael Jackson lived his life as a freak show attraction. I feel not remorse in all the pointing and laughing at him. Meanwhile that Virginia governor who has been porking some Argentinean squeeze is now officially the luckiest dumbass of the year.

    Farrah Fawcett got shafted too. Mmmm Farrah. Okay, I need some private time now…

  • http://goodstuff4u.multiply.com/ GOODSTUFF


  • jennasc927

    Why is the world crying out about a disgusting monster!! Would you leave your child with this man???? Seriously who cares about his music….he is evil and disgusting. God will punish his soul. And everyone is sooooo fake,,, his family didn’t even speak or have contact with him and NOW they care!! WHATEVER. He was a disgrace to his family and the world.

  • http://twitter.com/suchmanstunna Zach

    I agree he was a messed up guy, but what I think you’re forgetting here is that each of us, for the most part, are products of our environment. Michael Jackson was never given a true chance to be a real human being. He had no choice as to whether or not he was going to be a performer- he was thrown into it by his asshole of a father (who continues to be a self-righteous jerk). Any of Michael Jackson’s alleged indiscretions (& I agree child molestation is as bad as it gets, short of killing someone), are a direct result of being treated like a kid himself by Joe Jackson.

    Michael Jackson had the mind of a child until the day he died. We should respect him as an artist and have sympathy/compassion for a man who gave himself to the public through and through. I don’t believe anything he did was with malcontent . He was a victim of his upbringing and was a talented child stuck in a man’s body. Respect his legacy and have compassion.

    If someone wants to think MJ is a sick person, they’re certainly entitled, but I’d implore them to have compassion for the sickness, not hate.

  • Dan

    In America, you are innocent until proven guilty. Michael was never convicted. He was guilty of loving people and life. Remember everyone will be judged by A Higher Power. Why would someone spend $270M to defend himself if one is guilty. Why not take the reduced sentence in a plea deal and do a couple of years? BECAUSE MICHAEL WAS NOT GUILTY. You can say what you want. We have free speech unlike Iran. But it doesn’t matter. Michael’s dead and many people are responsible : his accusers, his father, the tabloid media , maybe Michael himself with his alleged use of pain killers and possibly his doctor. The man did so many things by loving all people young and old, his musical genius, giving back to his fans with innovation and spectacular performances, thinking outside of the box, becoming a global icon, crossing racial lines and entertaining all generations. He lived many lifetimes in his short 50 years on this planet. But once again, fame kills : just like Elvis and Jesus Christ.

  • David


    You asshole – how are you so sure that he was guilty? He was ‘determined’ to be innocent in one trial and was able to settle a very sketchy case prior to this. Additionally, the original victim is now claiming that his father forced him to lie about the molestation charges!

    I don’t know how you attack some of your own readers who tend to believe he was innocent simply because you tend to think he was guilty. This is a great site, but I suggest you get your head out of your ass.

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  • Bernie

    This is ridiculous. To think a site like this is criticizing the sins of Michael Jackson like some self-righteous priests. It’s a joke. Next week you’ll all be laughing or jacking off to the next hot thing in the media.

  • Natty

    How’d you know?

  • Karen

    Not only was he NOT a good man, he was materialistic beyond belief, abused his surrogate children — maybe not sexually but certainly in other ways. He dyed the older boy’s hair blonde, made them walk around shrouded, kept them from having playmates. He also was doped up on drugs on a daily basis. How irresponsible was he to take so many drugs that he couldn’t speak a full sentence. If he really cared about those kids he would have cleaned himself up. Certainly NOT the father of the year! Freak!

  • goosedreams

    I have been waiting for someone to get past all the bullshit and post something honest such as this. It is about time. And to all of you people saying “ooh he was never convicted”, well, neither was OJ Simpson. Money talks and bullshit walks. Celebrities are not subject to the same criminal system that regular civilians are.

  • goosedreams

    “But I’d say it’s just about as probable that a few kids’ parents wanted a payday from someone who was once worth a couple hundred million. Considering the vast majority of Michael’s houseguests and others vouch for his innocence, I’d say it could go either way.”

    Geez…. I really wonder what could persuade so many people to keep their mouth shut. Does such a thing exist? OH YES! it is called money and Michael Jackson had plenty of it.

  • kl

    To anybody who says we don’t know MJ was a molester–I say we saw the evidence that was presented at his trial and it is convincing. MJ was a molester and he used his “I’m weird” and “I am just a child myself” defense and a lot of people buy it. I suggest that if any of us personally knew someone who asserted the same silly arguments for sleeping in the bed with children–we would reject it as a lie. I loved his music too but that can’t excuse the bad behavior in my mind. He was so weird that it is pathetic and pitiful. But the harm he did to children is what is ultimately the real legacy of his life.

  • Daniel

    Look at all the self-righteous people, you lot do not have the power to judge anyone but yourself and your actions.

  • http://www.taintedhollywood.com Tsang

    Micheal Jackson is 98% plastic they should melt him into legos and let the kids play with him for a change…karma is a b*tch

  • summerofsin

    Farrah Fawcett arrived at the Pearly Gates and God asked her what he could do for her having led such an honest life. Farrah asked God to simply make sure the children of the world were safe. Five minutes later, Michael Jackson died

  • Reba

    It’s WELL documented that he had “special friends” that were all around the age of ten when he started being their friends and ended around the age of 13. Didn’t anyone see that movie he made to redeem himself, and it did the exact opposite? There was a little boy, acting like he was in love with Michael, and Michael holding his hand. He was always holding hands with little boys, almost flaunting it to the stupid public who liked him because he could sing, dance, squeal, and grab his crotch. OOH! What do you think PYT — pretty young thing – was all about. He was a sicko. His own staff would speak up; he’d fire them and discredit them. I do believe that he was molested, himself around the ages of 10-13; hence the reason why he had the high voice, the boy-like actions and was a molester, himself. Neverland was set up in between two schools. He was molestor material, and like someone prior sad, “money talks.” Every one KNOWS Robert Blake killed his ex-wife, and he got off scot-free. He was a BAD man,,, a very BAD man, indeed – famous or no.

  • michael jessee

    my only regreat was that he was not in jail when he died.

    money talks. you can buy your way out of anything except

    death. innocent or guilty he will get his just reward when he

    has to face the lord, as we all will.

  • enter shikari


    wow, people still believe in God? I gave up believing in him the same time I gave up believing in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

    Religion is a method of social control. The fact that people still believe in that bullshit is utterly pathetic.


  • I Speak Truth

    He may or may not have molested any children.

    Michael Jackson was abused as a child, and was also taking many medications for his illnesses. What comes around goes around. The fact that he was abused as a child makes him more likely to be a molester himself. Even if he didn’t do it, he is an idiot for putting himself in that kind of position in the first place. When you look like a freak and have millions of dollars, its just not a good idea to sleep in bed with children that are not even related to you. Even if he was innoncent, it’s his own fault that charges were brought against him. In a child molestation case, I believe it is very hard to prove since it is mainly “he said, she said bullshit; his word against theirs”.

    I think he is guilty, and may god have mercy on his soul.

    Just because you missed out on your childhood doesn’t give you the right to sleep with children.

    What kind of grown non-pedophile man has a bunch of children statues? The dude was literally obsessed with children.

  • Suzy

    I started to follow his 2005 trial thinking he was guilty but by the end of that trial I got convinced he wasn’t. A lot of people talk out of hate here, because they dislike the guy any way, but I followed his trial with an open mind and I don’t think he molested anybody. And more expert people got the same conclusion:

    “During the investigation, Jackson was examined by mental health professional Dr. Stan Katz, who spent several hours with the accuser too. Katz said Jackson was a regressed 10-year-old, and did not fit the profile of a pedophile. .[115]”

    It also should be noted that the accusers and his family lacked credibility. The boy was trained by his mother to shoplift. One year after the MJ trial the mother was convicted for welfare fraud and perjury.

    Make of it what you want, but I think Michael was not guilty, instead the accuser’s family was greedy.



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