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Jun 26 2009

10 Ridiculous Alley Oop Plays

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The Alley Oop play.  It’s a great play.  It’s an entertaining play.  It’s a challenging play.  It’s one of those plays that can literally change the tempo of a game.  Notice I didn’t say momentum.

Did you know that momentum is 100% used the wrong way by sports announcers?  There’s no such thing as momentum in a basketball game.  Momentum is a scientific term used to describe the relationship between mass and velocity.  So I’m not sure how that term got into the mix.

Tempo of a game on the other hand is acceptable.  It’s a term describing speed and rhythm.  In any event, here are some awesome alley oops.

The Kobe Alley Oop to Shaq in the Western Conference Finals

Lebron – Look at Where the Ball Is

Vince Carter in High School, Yes High School

This time it’s the pass that’s amazing

One of the greatest Alley Oops in Finals History

Dwight Howard – Look at Where the Ball Is

JR Smith 360 – Not a Dunk but Still

Chris Paul to Dwyane Wade in the Olympics

The Self Alley Oop in And1

Are You Kidding Me?

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  • Deeznutz

    The Vince one isnt from High School, that’s at Rucker Park, and he’d been in the League for a coupla years when he turned up for that game …

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  • WhatAboutDeez?

    the vince dunk is from high school…rucker park is outdoors fam…you dont have any clue what ur talking about.

  • Deeznutz

    LOL … Correct, correction below.
    Vince was SUPPOSSED to play at Rucker, but due to weather, game was relocated to Gaucho’s in the Bronx. Theres a big backstory on this dunk. Vince turns up late to the gym, some kid steps up and hits a long bucket in his face, Vince hits back, theres six or seven made shots each way, and then Vince drops THAT to end the contest (hence throwing the “it’s over” hand signal) …



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