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Jun 25 2009

The Shaquille O’Neal Trade Has to be Kind of Depressing for Shaq

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have reached an agreement in principle to acquire Phoenix Suns center Shaquille O’Neal, multiple sources involved in the talks told Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday night.

Cleveland will send Ben Wallace, Sasha Pavlovic, the 46th pick in Thursday’s draft and cash to the Suns for O’Neal.

By no means am I downplaying this trade and saying that Shaq shouldn’t be happy joining Lebron for what might be a decent shot at a title run.  What I’m saying is that the guy was essentially traded for a broken down defensive has been, a European shooter who will strive to be mediocre at best, and cash.  In other words, he was traded for peanuts.  Put it this way, it will suck knowing one of the top centers ever will have gone down in history being in not one, but two ridiculous trades.

Originally people thought the O’Neal for Odom, Butler and Grant deal was one of the most lopsided deals in history (which now may not prove to be so because Gasol came out of all of this so it’s really O’Neal for Gasol and Odom).  And at the time it probably was because Shaq was still an elite player.

But now?  Now Shaq is gonna have to live with knowing he was traded for feces.  I mean that just has to sting a little doesn’t it?  I guess it won’t matter if he can bring Cleveland a championship.

I think it’s safe to say we’re all rooting for a Cleveland/L.A. series.  I’m going on record right now saying that if we see these two teams in the finals it will be one of the highest rated sports events in history.

You heard it here.

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2 responses so far

  • Jon

    Even with Shaq, no one really would prefer or expect Lakers/Cavs over Celtics/Lakers which is what will happen with a healthy KG and Powe.

  • Natty

    I disagree. Shaq vs Kobe with Lebron involved would get way more attention than Lakers/Celtics. And I think even the NBA would prefer this. That’s just my two cents.



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