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Jun 19 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: Get me Off this Bang Boat

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Bang Boat

Guys really wear this much make up?

No clue what this guy’s name is.  But I can tell you this much.   Totally reminds me of the type of dude that was a complete dork in high school, then had very high hopes of being cool in college.

So he joins a New York fraternity in hopes of getting hot chicks.  In fact he even lands a couple but every single guy at his college hates him ultimately leading to him getting laid a few times but then becoming a failure in real life.

Enjoy it while it lasts kid.

You’re a douchebag

Bang Boat Bang Boat Bang Boat Bang Boat

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One response so far

  • Teddy

    wtf this guy goes from like a ken doll to some weird ass naked pose to lookin like michael jackson when he’s trying to grow a beard. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat a tool



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