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Jun 19 2009

A Collection of Videos to Prove Tennis Grunting Should Stop Immediately

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I was a serious tennis player growing up and had I not been such a puss and quit at 13 I might actually be on the tour right now.  Not sure how good I’d have been but still, it’s one of the biggest regrets that I have.   A regret I don’t have however, is when I used to play annoying kids who would grunt.

I mean come on.  A male?  I know for a FACT that it’s not necessary to grunt.  There’s just no way you need to.  Same goes for lifting weights.  This whole using your voice thing is a total sham.  And in tennis, I’ve been there.  I know.  It’s total bull.  The women that yell these days?  It’s 100% a tactic to piss off the other player.

I will never buy it.  You don’t need to scream and it won’t change your game whatsoever.  The worst is when men do it.  So I hope this new proposition goes through (not that I even watch tennis anymore but still)

And if you don’t think screaming needs to stop, check out these videos

Michelle Larcher is Ridiculous

I Mean Shut Up

Sharapova – We don’t mind it with her

Nadal is a little tool

Even a change to the grunt

What is this a joke?

Kuerten was a little tool too

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

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