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Jun 18 2009

OK, Who the Hell is Tyler Perry?

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If I see one more commercial on the WB for this Tyler Perry show I’m going to puke.  If I see one more ad for a Tyler Perry movie I’m going to puke.  Who, what, when is Tyler Perry?  What the hell is the Tyler Perry phenomenon?  I don’t get it.

Do people actually find this sitcom to be funny?  Whether it’s geared towards African Americans or the Whiteists, I really don’t care.  It’s simply not funny.  And who the hell are the characters?  Is everyone wearing makeup?  Does anyone play themselves?  Is Tyler Perry even on his own show that has Tyler Perry in the title?

What the hell is this brand?  Someone please tell me because I feel like if I do any research I’m going to get more upset.


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  • IT GUY

    The wife and I have this discussion all the time. It drives her crazy as well.

    I think you have to be a black person. Not sure.

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  • cool h’whip

    I’m black and i also have no clue where this guy came from… Him and Lady Gaga… ???

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  • Cleophus Wheatley

    While was NBA games on TNT you were bombarded with commercials for two of his sitcoms.

    What I found disturbing is that they seem to be very stereotypical. Furthermore, for some reason a grown-ass blackman dressed up like my Grandma creating a show that adheres to every ignorant-ass-stereotype is able to fly. Good gravy Tyler Perry.

  • eric

    Tyler Perry is a rags to riches story. Physically abused as a child, and homeless as a young man, got his break after watching an episode of Operah who talked about writing your feeling down in a letter. He did just that, and got recognized by his comical plays about love and family. The plays became a big hit, so he made movies ” Block Buster movies” And now tv shows.

    So you ask who the hell is tyler perry? Well other than being named one of the richest men of 2008, bringing home over 600 million dollars. He’s a man who a lot of people know “who the hell he is” that’s why he is so successful! Bravo Tyler Perry…bravo.

    P.S. Yes he plays in his shows, directs, and produces them.

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