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Jun 18 2009

Bill Clinton Offering Money for Sex in Buenos Aires: How Can you Not like This Guy?

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According to Andrea Rincon, former Big Brother star, “Clinton me ofreció dinero por sexo.”  I do not speak Spanish, but I would imagine that I can translate this little sentence quite easily.  Apparently Rincon charged Bill $1,000 dollars (US) for a lap dance, and then came the offer of “dinero por sexo.”

Here’s the Clinton Side:

Her tale, best we can figure, was that she just danced, nothing untoward, and was paid “very well” in dollars by someone, but not by Clinton. She said she didn’t speak to him.

A Clinton spokesman in New York, however, said yesterday that her story “is completely false. They were at the hotel playing cards with the former and current presidents” and “a small group of staff and friends [and strippers].” They were playing “Oh, Hell,” he said.

Oh hell my ass.  Let us simply look at the last Clinton “accusation.”  It was a blow job that he admitted to, not to mention the dude gets boners incessantly.  It’s not a question of the fact that Clinton is a complete fiend when it comes to tail, it’s a question of how many of his philandering stories are true.

I’m gonna go with 100% plus a few we don’t know about.

Can you just imagine Hillary reading these stories?  If I were her I’d pay a visit to Hunkamania immediately.

America:  What a country

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