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Jun 17 2009

If You Were Michael Phelps You’d Do it Too: He’s Just Livin’ the Dream Man

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Coming off the most recent news about Michael Phelps I had a couple of thoughts on the matter.  For those that don’t know.

Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps has written a book. The children’s book titled “How To Train with a T. Rex and Win 8 Gold Medals” is a collaboration with illustrator Ward Jenkins for the picture book that encourages children to exercise and work toward a goal.

While I’m certain that Phelps will be receiving his fair share of criticism on this matter, I have my own opinions.  If I were Phelps I’d probably be leading a very similar life as him.

Think about it.  You grow up and have incredibly awful gums.  Your teeth are a mess and you’re clearly a huge dork.  But you have a talent, an athletic talent, despite a wacky jawline that’s much better suited to play World of Warcraft.

But you get older and all of a sudden your athletic skills bring you to the Olympics.  You’re gotten zero women in your life.  In fact you were probably made fun of save the fact that you were an incredible swimmer.  You have all this pent up energy and motivation to succeed and say “dammit I’m NOT a dork and I can get chicks!.”  So you win the damned Olympics and in ridiculous fashion.  You realize that now your dreams have become a reality.

Well, Phelps is about the biggest example of this dream in history.  So smoking weed (on occasion), going to strip clubs, banging ridiculously hot women,  eating like 10 meals a day, and gosh darnet writing a children’s book with a T-Rex isn’t really a surprise is it?

Isn’t that what you’d do?

Guy is just livin’ the dream man.  Nicely done Mr. Phelps.  Now hook me up with Theresa White.

Love that chick.

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