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Jun 17 2009

Five Awesome Videos of Failed Marriage Proposals

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While the divorce rate sits at 53% I’m sure as hell hoping I don’t have to go through the motions again in my lifetime.  Lord knows it’s hard enough planning a wedding and dealing with all that bullshit.

But never in my wildest dreams could I imagine that my current wife would actually say “no” when I got down on one knee.  How does this happen?  I just can’t imagine it.

I can only think that these guys who do these kinds of proposals are dumb.  I mean did the girls even say they loved these guys?  How do you not know a girl is going to say “no?”  I just find it hard to believe.

Well, these five videos are some pretty embarrassing proof.

The Halftime Fail – PWNED

In front of the whole crowd.  Sucks for you dude.

Live Television – Man this just sucks

I actually feel bad for this guy.  The ones at live games.  Who cares?  This guy was about to cry.  Actually, no, what a tool.

Blindfold girl won’t stop running

Might as well just run right out of the stadium honey.

Getting Humiliated Onstage

Again, another shitty one.  I kind of feel bad for this guy.

Shot down in front of the Family


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