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Jun 11 2009

The Most Noteworthy Yahoo Baseball Player Profile Pictures: Part 1

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I imagine that many of you out there are in Fantasy Baseball leagues.  And while I’ve tried most systems, I tend to find Yahoo’s platform to be the easiest (and how could you not love Preston from customer service? what a gentleman).

And when you’ve been through enough seasons there aren’t too many new things to look forward to year after year.  However, I have to admit it’s always fun to see what the new player profile pictures look like.  It’s always a treat when you run into something special.

I’m going to make this a running series because it’s really hard scour through hundreds of baseball player profiles.  But honestly if you guys have any other suggestions please send them on by and I’ll be sure to put them up in the next installment.

Here are the first five ridiculous yahoo baseball player profile pictures

Jason Motte – Pitcher, St Louis Cardinals

Fantasy Pics

How about that closer run buddy?  That certainly didn’t last.  Now Motte basically sucks.   But at least his picture doesn’t disappoint.

Jason Kubel – Outfielder, Minnesota Twins

Fantasy Pics

What is this guy tough or something?  Actually he’s having a decent year.

Bobby Jenks – Pitcher, Chicago Whitesox

Fantasy Pics

Ryan Frankin’s pube beard is way better, just unfortunately not in his profile.  Jenks picture will have to do.

Jayson Werth – Outfielder, Philadelphia Phillies

Fantasy Pics

Another tough guy.

Rick Ankiel – Outfielder, St. Louis Cardinals

Fantasy Pics

Not too many guys in the league can grow mustaches that much a la Daniel Day Lewis.

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