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Jun 10 2009

10 of the Worst Rodeo Accidents I’ve Ever Seen

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Seriously though, can we really call these accidents?  What do you expect when you put a human onto a bull or horse that has virtually NEVER had a human on top of them, or have been tamed?

I think that rodeo guys and gals are about the toughest breed of human there is.  I also think they are the dumbest.  I guess it’s one thing to drive around a car at 180mph and race with other fast drivers.  It’s another to go base jumping with a parachute.    Hell it’s even another to do flips on a motorbike.

But riding on an animal that weighs ten times what you do without any pads and simply a strap to hold onto?  Seriously, rodeos are way up there for being pure stupidity.

So while these videos are insane, they don’t surprise me in the least

Wow, This Dude was Dragged

This is insane.  Bull Gores a horse.

Good God, I can’t watch anymore of this

Holy Lord, Horse Flip

Wow. Check out his leg.  The kids laughing is disgusting by the way

You have to look closely but damm

There are no words for this

Traumatic Brain Injury after this one

How do these guys survive this stuff?

More Stomping

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

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