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Jun 10 2009

OK, Let’s Get Something Straight: Thomas Beatie is a Woman

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From the Times

Thomas Beatie, believed to be the world’s first ‘pregnant man’, has given birth to his second child in America.

The transgender man gave birth to a healthy baby boy, as yet unnamed, who joins Mr Beatie’s one-year-old daughter, Susan Juliette.

Announcing his second pregnancy in an interview with Barbara Walters in the US last November, Mr Beatie said: “I feel good. I had my checkups with my hormone level, as far as the HCG. And everything is right on track.”

Why is this still a story?  Yes, I understand the whole transgender thing.  I understand Thomas Beatie believes that he/she is a man.  I know and understand the whole “I’ve felt this way my whole life” thing.  And the choice to go down that path is perfect acceptable to me.

But is this really news?  I mean Thomas has a vagina, period.  Thomas has woman parts.  Thomas may feel like a man and even have facial hair like a man.  But Thomas is a woman whether Thomas likes it or not.

When a guy with a penis and hairy ass gives birth to child, then give me a call.


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