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Jun 09 2009

15 Classic Examples of the Male/Female Looks Mismatch

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Hot Girl Ugly Guy

I used to get pissed off at pictures like these.  I used to think “what the hell is that guy doing with this girl?”  And back then (even now, sort of) I was a pretty good looking guy.  Nothing spectacular but I can certainly hold my weight in the looks department.  So I never understood and it in fact pissed me off when certain “not appealing” dudes walked around with hot women.

But now?  Now I have a couple theories which have calmed my anger quite a bit.   First of all if it’s money, you can’t get pissed.  If a dude is wealthy that’s just the way of the world.  Women will always flock to money.    Second.  Just be happy for the guy.  It means more hope for everyone.

Put it this way, if it’s not money then the guy obviously has worked very hard at his craft and deserves merit for getting the hot chick.  Sure it still gets under my skin when the Myspace Toolbox types are with hot chicks but ask yourself this question:  How sustainable are these chicks really?  I mean if King Douche is hanging out with this broad, no matter how hot she is, she’s gotta be annoying as all hell.

In any event, here are fun pictures of not so attractive dudes with hot chicks

Hot Chicks with Douchebags provides the assist on most of these


Hot Girl Ugly Guy

Hot Girl Ugly Guy

Hot Girl Ugly Guy

Hot Girl Ugly Guy

Hot Girl Ugly Guy

Hot Girl Ugly Guy

Hot Girl Ugly Guy

Hot Girl Ugly Guy

Hot Girl Ugly Guy

Hot Girl Ugly Guy

Hot Girl Ugly Guy

Hot Girl Ugly Guy

Hot Girl Ugly Guy

Hot Girl Ugly Guy

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  • dadagoogoo

    only the first two couple pics are really examples of hot girls and ugly guys. the rest just look like a bunch of douchebags with tattoos that all slutty dumb girls love.

  • hotensecksy

    pics 4, and 10 the dudes are clearly gay, and on pic 8 the guy is not and never will be banging that gal, funny pics though

  • Dave

    dadagoogoo is totally right. Hot chicks with douchebags is nothing new or interesting or out of the ordinary, but I do like seeing regular guys (a little beer belly or body hair) with a hot chick. I never understood people that would get pissed off about that. The guy is probably totally cool and it just proves there is a small amount of justice left in the world.

  • http://www.audi.de Coligny

    Dude, you forgot Nicolas Sarkozy / Carla Bruni

    Shame on you…

  • Natty

    Yeah, darn, what was I thinking?

  • Sandra

    It’s an easy answer: not everyone finds vanity and a sense of entitlement for/from good looks attractive in a man.

  • veyn

    Only the 1st two are prime examples of what you’re talking about.
    All the others are just the typical jerks.

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  • Tim

    Is the tubby guy in the second picture a young Michael Moore?

  • mikev

    Well good point, first of all its neither looks or money really make more then 5% of role in getting an attraction, especially for women.

    Second I dont think the women on the pictures are that hot.
    In fact i think some of them are quite ugly, i.e. below average in looks.

    I dont see many ugly guys either, i mean common man, for fuck sake, post you picture if you think your are that good looking!!!

    Also for a man ‘ugly’ means either badly dressed, overweight, lack of style or a nerd/beta male (i.e. not an alpha male).

    btw. i’m a straight (not-ugly) guy.


  • Jeremy

    This isn’t the first time I’ve seen couples like these. As a guy, I have always wondered what makes a woman attracted to a man. For a while, it was confusing how guys like the ones pictured above get with girls just as hot as the ones James Bond gets with.

    I have recently come to a conclusion, however. There are three types of guys who I generally see hot women going for—Athletic types, preppy business types, and bad boys (most of the guys pictured above). Though these types’ looks and personalities may differ from one another, they all have one thing in common: They all give off a dominant aura and project confidence. Playing sports builds confidence so athletes are naturally gonna come off as confident, business types are assertive and decisive (which comes from having a lot of confidence), and while the bad boys may not have much to brag about, the show that they are confident by not caring what people think of them. What makes a man “attractive” in a woman’s eye is not what he looks like but how he carries himself.

  • Chris

    Ill be honest. I am not the most good looking guy. Nor do I have much money. However, my girlfriend who I love deeply, is absolutly breathtaking. My friends often ask how I got to meet such a good looking woman. It is true however that certain life experiences can change people. My girlfriend has been through a lot of tough things in her life and has learned that Beauty is not everything it’s cracked up to be.

    My girlfriend is also spiritual. She has a firm belief in something greater than herself which often humbles her. This type of belief can also aid good looking women in not becoming too concerned about their looks.



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