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Jun 08 2009

Now this is a Fight Scene: Indian Movies Know What’s up

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Please for the love of God watch this whole thing.  The ending is absolutely brilliant.

I tell ya the Japanese may have their game shows but India sure knows how to entertain with martial arts.

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  • Shah

    Hahahah, whats tht? :P

  • nik1411

    kya bakchoodi hai bhai

  • http://subliminalwhispers.blogspot.com Viisshnu

    My god I LOLed so hard. I never saw this movie. This kind are telecast on regional cable channels. And yes I am an Indian :D

  • charles

    Its the height of crap

  • Paddu

    LOL this is not g8 fight see for the fights of Balakrishna in Tollywood you will hang u r self laughing did u see if a man hits his ties and the train go backwords only Balakrishna man can do it even superman cannot do that, if balas 2fingures tickle the chair with a man come were ever he calls dogs stop barking this all are specialities

  • boogie

    hahaha. end was amazing. i think he must open his own shaolin temple.

  • Jamie

    That was so gay ass clip

    Bollywood clowns.. LOL!

  • Jim

    All Indian movies copy stories from hollywood movies…total crap.



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