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Jun 08 2009

Monday’s Madness: A New Tool for Small Sites, Valentina is Dessilicious, and Sex Acronyms

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Our boys at With Leather have come up with a lovely concept.  It’s a new widget designed to promote articles from lesser men like myself.  So thanks guys.  One of those articles happens to be a hot chick getting rained on.

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The Madness

Valentina Dessi is THE international hottie of the day – [Doubleviking]

Sex Acronyms the DHS still doesn’t know about – [Asylum]

If they left out the bullshit in Terminator Salvation – [Cracked]

The seven best foods to eat when you’re stoned – [Holytaco]

Kim Kardashian’s ass from many angles to enjoy – [Celebrity Odor]

Eva Longoria looks decent in a bikini – [NS4W]

The Korean police are my new favorite dance team – [Nextround]

A very solid episode of the “Dating Coach” – [Collegehumor]

Dustin Hoffman stays fit by jerking off – [Don Chavez]

I don’t know what Han Solo P.I. is but I like it – [Attuworld]

Lindsay Lohan is “poking through” for all of us – [The Grumpiest]

Here’s a very good reason to hate the Chinese – [Blog of Hilarity]

Jamaican dance craze that can break your penis – [DJ Mick]

Beer and Boobs with Danielle Lloyd – [Gunaxin]

Pretty awesome beer pong trick shots – [Tastybooze]

Five summer beer tips from an American Patriot – [The Bachelor Guy]

The 5 most outrageous touchdown celebrations – [Brobible]

Making climax faces in MS Paint – [The Sublime Blog]

Ice breakers for starting up women conversations – [Bullzeye]

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