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Jun 08 2009

6 Unintentional But Intentional Racist Scenes from TV Shows

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A while back I gave you guys a look at some racist scenes from All in the Family.   But why stop there?  It’s really incredible how much the race card was played back in the 70′s, even 80′s.  Hell it’s even played now just more subtly.

Seinfeld is easily my favorite show of all time but I’m certainly one to argue that the show was very much racist.  If you look at virtually every black character on that show, they’re portrayed as pretty ridiculous (by the way I can write a whole separate article this).

In any event, in addition to just All in the Family, other television shows (including Star Trek) had some awfully racists moments.  Here are 6 such moments.

My Friend is Obviously Chinese

A mechnical ricepicker?  That might be the best line in the history of television.

Fawlty Towers

I’m amazed these words were actually on television.  You’ve gotta be kidding me.

All in the Family:  The Black Santa

I don’t care if this is racist.  It’s funny.

Love Thy Neighbor

The entire show was racist.  Pretty ridiculous stuff here.

Facts of Life

This is amazing.  “You really want to dance with that white boy?”  Finally a reverse racist moment!

Different Strokes – The Tutor

You realize the Tutor is a character from Seinfeld?  “Jerry, take the jacket!”  That’s the only reason I showed this clip

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