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Jun 05 2009

Five Common Etiquette Issues that Really Piss Me Off

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Hold Door

No matter how long I live and how many situations I will get into in my life, there will always be those people who pay absolutely zero attention to what it’s like to be a decent human being.  And the funny thing is that it’s not terribly difficult to think of others.  Just try a bit please.  Just a tad.  That’s all I ask.

But I tell ya, it really pisses me off when some tasks that are incredibly simple to carry out aren’t.

Here are five common etiquette issues that really piss me off

People Not Saying Thank you when you hold the door open


How hard is this?  Seriously, is it that difficult to simply say thank you when someone does a nice deed for you?  I was never asked to hold the door open.  I didn’t have to hold it open for you.  And yet you have the complete assholishness as to not at least give me a courtesy for helping you out here?  Are you always expecting the door to be held open and will you be snotty when it’s NOT held open?  Next time I see you I’m smashing the door in your face after giving you the impression that I’ll hold it open.

People Not Covering Up when they cough


Sure, just invade my air here.  No worries about the rest of the humans out here.   If you’re sick, we can be sick right?  If you cough out snot, no big deal if it gets on my shirt right?  Give me a break man.  Just cover your mouth please.  It’s not hard.

People that smoke and blow smoke in my face


Intentional or not, I think I’m just griping about the fact that I can’t stand smoke from cigarettes.  However, if you’re a smoker and you see someone coming in your direction it’s really not hard to blow smoke the other way.  And sometimes when a smoker is in front of me and the smoke comes back to my face?  Good God I can’t stand that.  Just smoke in one spot or something.  Don’t do it while taking a walk with other people around.  It’s a bad enough habit as it is.

People talking really loud on cell phones


Unless they’re doing something REALLY funny (and 99% of the time they aren’t) then do we really need to hear this?

Over the Top Public Displays of Affection


And unless it’s two unbelievably hot lesbians (which 99.9% of the time it’s not) then do we really need to see this?

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  • IT GUY

    Oh man don’t get me started: I have comments on all of these human dumbasses.

    I don’t mind the person who doesn’t say thank you but I hate the person that doesn’t hold the door for me when I’m literally like 3 feet behind them and they obviously saw me.

    Also, as for Smokers. I only smoke when I’m stressed but I try to only do it away from people and blow smoke away from people. But here’s a problem. WHEN ASSHOLES COME STAND NEXT TO YOU WITH THEIR FUCKING BABIES WHILE YOU ARE SMOKING!

    I’m standing there obviously away from people and this fucking trash in a hooters shirt AND HAT carts her fucking baby and 4 year old right next to me. So I looked at her like she was a retard and walked a few feet away. But still I was fucking their first goddamniT!!!! I should’ve asked if her stupid baby wanted cancer and if I could see her boobs although she was fat and ugly and old.

    As for PDA, last thanksgiving we actually had Lesbians making out at Dinner. They were ugly as shit and everyone was pissed off. Why do lesbians find the need to make out all the fucking time in public. I think gay people are just like everyone else and should fucking not PDA EVER!!!



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