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Jun 04 2009

View on: Mom Allegedly Has Sex With Daughter’s Teenage Friends

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Story is a couple weeks old but who cares?

Police say Deborah Lee Towe had sex with her daughter’s friends (as young as 15), in a Walmart parking lot, an elementary school parking lot, and her home. Towe allegedly told police, “I felt young. I missed all those years,” according to Redding.

Towe supposedly thought that by having sex with her daughter friends, they’d be less likely to try to have sex with her 15-year-old daughter.

And this brings up a few points I’d like to discuss.  First of all, if I were 15 years old I would 100% have sex with this woman (her mugshot is below and she’s definitely good looking enough).

Second of all.  Eh, she wants to regain her youth.  Nothing wrong with that.  It’s not like these dudes were 11.

Third.  The whole competing with your daughter thing.  Well that’s where I draw the line.  At least let her join in for Christ’s sake.

And finally.   Why is it you never see men in this stories?  “Man allegedly has sex with daughter’s or son’s 15-year-old friends.”   I guess there’s a fine line between what happens in real life and what happens in my fantasies.  It’s a shame.  A damned shame.

*Any of you taking me seriously here are morons though I will say as a 15-year-old I would definitely make whoopee with this woman.


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  • GMc

    Why do you never hear a story about a guy and 15 year-old girls? It is because of the sexism of feminists and a feminized society that women are even punished but men are punished much worse. It used to be that women were never punished for statutory. But a guy who does something like this gets strapped to the electric chair!
    A case happened back in the late 90′s where a woman slept with three of her students and got probation for 3 years. The next day, a male high school swim instructor in the same county got sentenced to 26 YEARS for sleeping with one student and groping (consensually) with two others!
    If guy teenagers are just loving it, shouldn’t the girls too? I mean, who is a 16 year old girl going to want to sleep with? A guy who has to put his Playstation on pause so he can pump three times before his parents get back from the store? Or me (who has skills and his own house)?
    Tragedy from hypocrites!

  • chris

    suddenly id8jlb8 comes to my mind… :)



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