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Jun 03 2009

Five New “The Biggest” Reality Show Ideas That Would Work

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As we concluded yet another season of “The Biggest Loser” last month and will be embarking on a new season pretty soon, it got me thinking.  Shouldn’t the creators of “The Biggest” series trademark this name and expand on their success?

There’s no reason you couldn’t start an entire portfolio of reality shows that feature “The Biggest” theme.  In fact I think it would be a fantastic venture for these guys.

And just to show how nice a guy I am,  I’ve provided them with five solid ideas to start them off….

The Biggest Juicer


Pretty simple really.  You just take a bunch of athletes and put them on ‘roids in a myriad of sports.  See how they destroy the competition and watch how human beings can stretch the limits of endurance, stamina, and anger.  Hell you don’t need sports for this.  Make a series similar to “Super Size Me” and have a guy go on roids documenting his insanity,  weight gain, and penis size.

The Biggest Hazer


This should would be an absolute hit amongst the 18-35 demographic.  Hell I even think the girls would be into this.  They’re always asking stuff like”what do they do to you guys?”  In any event, you have some kind of party bus going from hazing school to hazing school taping all of the ass reamings, paddling, and whatever homoerotic stuff these kids are doing these days.  I’m sure the colleges would get a real kick out of it.

The Biggest Hollywood Whore


Lohan, Hilton, whatever up and coming skanks that are out there….  This would be a tribute to you women.  You make this show kind of like “The Hills” or whatever other show that features kind of hot but dumb and really annoying girls.  Simply put them in a night club with attractive males and see what happens.  However, please make sure these guys are funny, witty guys with lots of friends so we can tape them having “day after” conversations exploiting sexual innuendos about our starlets.

The Biggest Eater


Screw the biggest loser.  I want to see who the biggest eater is.  We’ll travel from restaurant to restaurant, state to state, country to country to find out who can devour both sides of a menu.  I’m not talking about the guy who eats the fastest.  I’m talking about the guy or girl who eats the most.  There has to be someone who can take down 1000 pancakes or something like that.

The Biggest Douchebag


This is the only one I’m not quite sure would be a hit.  However, I really think it could.  You take all of my Myspace Toolbox types and simply document them.  Follow them around for an entire season.  See what they do, how they act.  The show would be entertaining to say the least but all would be worth it because the final episode would feature all of these guys in one room getting beaten by cops with billy clubs.

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