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Jun 02 2009

Norm MacDonald is Awesome, Period

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Personally I think that Norm MacDonald was by far the best all time weekend updater on Saturday Night Live.  Second of all I think the movie Dirty Work was highly underrated.  So if you don’t like those two statements you may hate the rest of what I will say.

For some reason Norm gets a bad rap.  Many people don’t think the guy is funny.  I fully believe that those don’t like him simply don’t have the intelligence to understand his humor.  While it’s completely simplistic in nature, it’s way more complex than you think.  And I feel it takes a bit extra to appreciate his antics.  And once you do, the man is absolutely hilarious.

From interviews to movies, to stand up, to his days on SNL, here are 10 videos of Norm that prove that he’s one of the funniest guys around.

Norm MacDonald’s Bob Uecker Story

Old Stand Up From Norm

Why Norm Should Roast Obama

Outtake from the Bob Saget Roast

Dirty Work Compilation

On Dennis Miller in 1998

Weekend Update Diarrhea

On Regis and Kathy Lee

As Larry King

David Letterman Sketch on SNL

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

27 responses so far

  • shaggy

    Norm is terrible. Jesus man you need help. Fail

  • Erk

    I’ve never really laughed at anything he did other than this Letterman. I’m so tired of people saying you have to be intelligent to get it. That’s such a cop-out answer when someone disagrees with what you like. It’s what all Tool fans say too.

  • shaggy

    You will come back with, aww you just don’t get it, his schtick is that he tries to suck on purpose, which makes him funny.

    The problem is he not only sucks, he sucks at trying to suck as well. This in turn makes you suck for failing to see this. Gorilla mask sucks as well for linking to this, and failing to see sucks at trying to suck.

  • Natty

    I love the haters. Gorillamask is smart as well.

  • dude

    One of the funniest scenes I’ve ever seen on tv was on “Norm”, when he mistakenly went to a Necropheliacs Annonymous meeting instead of Gamblers Annonymous. Absolutely priceless.

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  • woogie

    Love him or hate him. For me, Norm rocks! He tells the greatest stories.

  • tank167

    Funny, I was just watching Dirty Work last night, and he is pretty genius. Kudos on some awesome clips. But I must say he is not for everybody. He is an acquired taste. I find it goes two ways. Those who like him, really like him. And there are those who don’t. But there is one thing I think we can all agree on, Dane Cook takes three cocks in the ass and two in the mouth.

  • Jack

    Norm has his funny moments. But he has more unfunny moments. And the clips you posted were just painful. I mean, come on…check out the audience reaction. Here’s the thing about comedy: if your audience doesn’t “get” your humor (i.e. the “your not smart enough” excuse) then you fail. But that’s not the case with Norm.

    I don’t think that his humor is too cerebral. It just falls flat most of the time because it’s just not that funny. Take for example, “You’re a real colorful character. Green with envy, and you have a yellow streak down your back!” That’s neither smart or funny. It’s just lame. And did you see Bill Clinton’s expression when Norm made the joke about the Russians carrying him? Clinton is not a stupid man, and even he didn’t get the joke. The joke about him. That is some major fail right there.

  • justin

    Hey Jack, the joke was that the russians have to carry Yeltsin cause hes a drunk, YOU’RE the stupid one for not getting it. Clinton had to try not to laugh cause it would be rude to another world leader.

  • Michael

    “Here’s the thing about comedy: if your audience doesn’t “get” your humor (i.e. the “your not smart enough” excuse) then you fail.”

    Uhh…ever heard of Andy Kaufman?
    Maybe you shouldn’t be trying to educate people on comedy when you don’t even understand basic dry humor.

  • Edith

    I’m with you, Jack. Norm MacDonald was just plain bad at that roast. You know what else? Ali G is a terrible interviewer. The things he says to his guests are things that no good interviewer would say. It only makes the guests uncomfortable.

    And Michael Scott from the Office? He makes everyone uncomfortable, too. I can plainly see his co-workers do not appreciate his inappropriate jokes.

  • Thomas

    Some awkward, some brilliant but all Norm. Thanks Uncoached! and thanks Gorillamask for making me come look at this funny bastard.

    It’s not the intelligence required for the jokes it is all in the delivery. Some people think Norm’s stilted delivery is great and some people obviously hate him for it.

    And where the hell was that joke about the Russian Secret Service going?

  • Daniel

    These videos are good but I think his funniest stuff ever are the interviews he’s done with Conan.

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  • Peabo

    Its so funny to read the comments from the idiotic haters of Norm. They even attempt humor of their own by claiming that its a FAIL.

    The Bob Saget Roast was awesome in that he was roasting the Roast itself. Apparently, the primates above didn’t get it.

  • bill

    where is the clip of him on conan

  • bill
  • cokedealer

    He had that one skit about Vaudeville on SNL, with Nathan Lane. The funniest thing ever!

  • matt

    His best, funniest, video is his ESPY’s opening monologue… priceless and timeless

  • tony T

    I love Norm, but why wear that faggoty Angels hat?

  • Erk

    Wow…i just watched the Saget roast clips…that was painful. He’s inspiring people with comedic talent everywhere to go out there and be hilarious. And people who I respect in that clip (Saget, Norton) laughing out loud at this cheesiness is baffling. I can’t figure this out…guess I’m one of those tards now. Crap.

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  • jay

    Howard Stern, Letterman, Leno, Conan, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, David Spade, Artie Lange, Jon Stewart, Bill Cosby, Colin Quinn, Dave Attell and Dennis Miller are just some of the people who have said Norm is a genius and they are big fans of his. Yeah, you guys saying he isn’t funny really know what your talking about.

  • Dr. Lexus


    Don’t worry scrote! There are plenty of ‘tards out there living really kick ass lives. My first wife was ‘tarded. She’s a pilot now.

  • Conan

    Norm is the man. If you don’t think so, you’re a dumbfuck.



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