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Jun 01 2009

Was the MTV Movie Award Eminem and Bruno Moment Real? It Had to Be

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I have to say I’m not a big fan of the whole MTV Movie awards thing but good Lord it was awesome to see Sascha Baron Cohen do his thing last night.  I mean how often do you get to see anyone’s ass in Eminem’s face?

Eminem seemed visibly upset at the mishap. Or was it a joke he was in on?

The rapper stormed out with his entourage in tow _ and cameras rolling. In 2002, Sparks flew when the rapper was interviewed by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the MTV Video Music Awards.

So the question that everyone has been asking is “was it real?” One would like to think this thing is not real. One would hope that Eminem would have either been paid handsomely to do this prank or he just had the sense of humor and humility to allow it to happen.

However, I’m gonna go ahead and say that he was legitimately pissed off. And that sucks. I wish it were the other way around given how he pokes fun at just about everyone. God forbid you allow a little fun at you. But I think his ego was hurt. I think he was upset that an ass was in his face. And while for a second he might have let it go, he’s just too “cool” to take a joke.

And that’s exactly why you have to love Sascha Baron Cohen. Because out of every single person at the MTV Awards show, Eminem is by far the one you’d want to see riled up the most.

Well done Bruno.

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