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Jun 30 2009

Cristina Del Basso Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Del Basso

Click on the photo for more of Cristina Del Basso

Honestly, if I had to pick a favorite girl in the world right now, it would have to be Cristina Del Basso.  She is the perfect combination of brunette, a ton of drama and a gigantic set.  I mean you really have to be kidding me Italy.  Wow.

More Italians at Uncoached’s Facebook Group

The Portfolio

Angelica Blakely Sexy Click Pinder Munn Fox Nicola

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Jun 30 2009

Whatever Happened to the “Boys Have a Penis, Girls Have a Vagina” Kid?

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Miko HughesMiko Hughes

He was the adorable little boy who uttered the lines “Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina” and “my daddy’s a gynecologist and he looks at vaginas all day long” in Kindergarten Cop.  You might also remember him as the boring autistic kid in Mercury Rising.  His real name?  Miko Hughes.

This little guy had one of the most adorable faces known to Hollywood back in the late 80′s.  But amazingly enough the little shrimp grew up.  He’s now 23 years old and has facial hair (though I’d imagine still says the vagina line at parties).

What’s he up to now?  Amazingly enough you might have seen him in Tropic Thunder, yes Tropic Thunder.  He’s uncredited as a radio DJ.  He’s still acting a bit and has his own blog.   Word is he likes playing video games.

Isn’t that nice?

Miko Hughes Miko Hughes Miko Hughes Miko Hughes

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Jun 30 2009

Will You Do The Drunk Manboob Luge This Summer?

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If any of you dudes have a manboob guy in your group, I highly recommend never, ever doing this.

If any of you scrap together some money and get a hooker to do this I will post the video up here.

Thank you for your time.

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Jun 30 2009

She’s Uncoachable: How Could I have Not Posted Holly Valance?

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Holly Valance

Amazing.  I’ve posted Holly Valance in the PM Portfolio.  I’ve posted Holly Valance in one of my morning links.  And yet I’ve never, not once posted Holly Valance in “She’s Uncoachable.”  It’s a crime I tell you.  A damned crime.

I’d like to first apologize to Holly because Holly, I need you to understand that you are far and away one of my favorite women in the universe.  That you are this sexy, this brunette and this Australian is the absolute kiss of death.

Also, your dad’s name is Rajko which is highly badass.

More of Valance after the jump

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Jun 30 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: Tony Needs to Choke

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Tony Choke

If any of you out there can honestly say that guys with hair like this deserve a place in this world then I think it’s time we have a royal rumble.

Forget the fact that he might be a nice guy.  Forget the fact that he did you a favor that day.  Forget it all.  Seriously, this hair is allowed?  Come on people.  It’s just not possible.

There’s no way this person has any quality that would allow me to ever hang out with him.

(a lame commenter will write, “well good!  he doesn’t want to hang out with you!).

Choke Tony

Tony Choke Tony Choke Tony Choke

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Jun 30 2009

Is Ruth Madoff Kelly Ripa’s Mom?

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I swear to God guys I was trying to figure out something better to write today.  And since Madoff will be rotting for the next 150 years I felt I had to at least make some mention of the story.

Now it’s Madoff’s wife Ruth whose in the news.  She’s “breaking her silence.”  Good God are we going to get sympathetic now?  I sure as hell hope not.

I hope that Ruth winds up on The View or something and gets completely trashed by that panel. Well, what would be much better is if she wound up on Regis and Kelly with a new book called “my husband’s getting pumped and I have no money.”

At least on that show she could hang with Kelly.  Don’t they look alike?  I think there’s a little Meg Ryan in there too.

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Jun 30 2009

I Sure Do Like the Cheerleaders of Oregon State

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Oregon State Cheerleaders

It’s been a little while since I went cheerleader hunting.  And for that I apologize.  But with so many female sports out there and the chance to uncover a new Allison Stokke or Jennie Finch, how can you blame me?  But I promise to get back to my roots.  Those roots being to find inappropriate pictures of college cheerleaders and potentially get them kicked off the team.

No, not those.  Those only come once in a blue moon (but I’m working on it).  The ones I’m talking about are more light hearted.  You know, the kinds with splits in the air, air guitar playing in their underwear, and girl to girl wrestling.

Just ask the Beavers Cheerleaders of Oregon State.   They know what I’m referring to.

Pics after the jump

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Jun 30 2009

A Collection of Personal Pictures From “The Real Shaq”

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For any of you that are on Twitter you’ll more than likely recognize a profile called “The Real Shaq.”  It is what is presumed to be the real Twitter profile of NBA star Shaquille O’Neal.  It contains more than a million followers and I can’t really see a reason why it’d be fake considering the amount of celebrities that are on Twitter.

Whether it’s real or fake isn’t that much of a big deal.  The reason is because the profile contains some awesome personal pictures of the real Shaq just doing what he does best: goofing off.

I would have to think that hanging out with this guy would be a great time.

Here are some  great pictures of the giant

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Jun 30 2009

Just the Tip Tuesday: Brooke Banx Starts us Off, 80s Movies Montages, and Tramp Stamps

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Click on the photo for more of Brook Banx

This 25-year-old stunner is from Los Angeles California, and has appeared in tons of magazines, like FHM and on the cover of American Curves, as well as a slew of other publications and promotional events.  She’s dare I say…Uncoached.

More Uncoached girls at our Facebook Group

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I’ll end it with a Kelly Brook bikini gallery – [Cavemancircus]

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Jun 29 2009

Sarah Lyons Leads the PM Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more Sarah Lyons

Yup, I didn’t even have to look.  Lyons is a fitness model which basically means she can wrap her legs around me and more than likely squeeze the air from my lungs.  I’ve never really been into erotic asphixiation but this girl just might do it for me.

For more chicks who I would let kill me go to Uncoached’s Facebook Group

The Portfolio

Hottie Marshall Burciaga Poker Garner Isabel Milian Ranger

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