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May 30 2009

The Weekend Wash: A Great Inner Monologue, Click a Chick, and More Mary Castro

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What the —- did that kid just call me a homo?  That kid’s like 7 years old!  I can’t just let someone call me a homo, even if he’s only 7.  I mean, I don’t care what that kid thinks of me.  I’m way better than him anyway.  I’ve got a job.

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The Wash

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Runway Model gets very wet – [Manofest]

When it’s art then it’s 100% acceptable – [Attuworld]

When the Japanese bikini girls go bowling – [Flabber]

If Dorothy from Wizard of OZ stepped into Boogie nights – [Atom]

Gail O’Grady has some nice MILF boob action – [The Grumpiest]

Luigi finally snaps at Mario – [Collegehumor]

Kimberly Jones is quite attractive – [On205th]

Cleveland offended by crappy Cleveland tourist videos – [Barstoolsports]

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Russian Guy hangs himself while working – [Totally Crap]

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