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May 26 2009

10 Evenly Matched NBA One on One Games From Different Eras That I’d Love to Watch

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It’s as good a topic as any in the NBA.  And with the finals around the corner the critics always like to use comparisons.  “The Next Michael Jordan,” or “The modern day Magic Johnson.”  It’s always fun to come up with scenarios and match ups that would be entertaining in the NBA.

Whether it’s a team vs. team or a player vs. player we’ll never know the real answers to the outcoms of these fake matchups but’s still fun to talk about.

So in that light I’ve come up with 10 pretty evenly matched NBA one on one games that I’d like to watch.

Kobe Bryant vs.  Michael Jordan

One on OneOne on One

Everyone would love to know the outcome of this match up and most people would side with Jordan.  In fact I’m inclined to as well.   But remember one on one is lethal when you have an outside shot and Kobe has better range than Jordan did.  This one would be closer than you think.

Shaquille O’Neal vs. Wilt Chamberlain

One on OneOne on One

Another matchup where people would probably think that Shaq would simply dominate Wilt.  And you know something?  He would.  But let’s not forget that even smaller dudes like Olajuwon could maneuver around the big man.  Wilt certainly could as well.  Shaq would probably take it but not without a good fight.

Oscar Robertson vs. Magic Johnson

One on OneOne on One

Very tough call here.  I think Magic would need some players to pass to or something.

Bill Russell vs. Hakeem Olajuwon

One on OneOne on One

Of all these matchups this one would be amazing to watch.  How would either guy possibly get a shot off?  I think Olajuwon’s craftiness would win this matchup.  Russell’s outside shot isn’t good enough.

Isiah Thomas vs.  Pete Maravich

One on OneOne on One

Considered the two best ball handlers ever.  But you can’t mess with Pistol Pete in a one on one game.  I guarantee that of every single type of game Maravich played one on one had to be his best.  Personally think he’d hit every shot.  Don’t get me wrong though, Isiah was a warrior.

Vince Carter vs. Dominique Wilkins

One on OneOne on One

Dunk after dunk after dunk.  Neither of these were too great defensively so this would just be a highlight reel.

Larry Bird vs.  Lebron James

One on OneOne on One

This appears to be the laugher of all of them but never, ever count out a shooter in a one on one match.  Lebron would clearly wear down Bird but expect 30 footers to rain all day in this game.

Dave Cowens vs. Charles Barkley

One on OneOne on One

Over under on black eyes or punches?  20.

Julius Erving vs. Scottie Pippen

One on OneOne on One

Let’s not forget that Pippen is one of the best defensive forwards ever so he might neutralize Julius.  However, I’m not sure what kind of offense Pippen could put up.

Dwyane Wade vs. David Thompson

One on OneOne on One

It was tough coming up with a match up for Mr. Wade but Thompson is pretty damned good.   The guy was a high flier and one of the better scorers in the league while in his prime.  This would be a treat to watch.

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  • http://dicooper.spaces.live.com/ DICooper

    You guys are absolutely tripping if you think that Dr. J versus Pippen is evenly matched. Dr. J in his prime would destroy Pippen in his prime.

    Also hate to break it to you guys but Larry Legend would have no shot against LeBron, too.



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