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May 22 2009

10 Enjoyable Swimsuit Competitions from anything Miss American

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Miss America

I’d like everyone to contemplate what would happen to the Miss America, Miss Teen USA, Miss anything, if there were no swimsuit competition.   Yeah, exactly.  They would go out of business.  So why in the world are they still bothering with all these ridiculous questions at the end?

Why do they have talent competitions?  Why are we looking at evening gowns?  This isn’t to make fun of or put down any of these women personally.  It’s just to say let’s stop hiding behind this “All around woman” theme and make these contests what they really are:  sexy girls in bikini contests.

I’m telling you right now, you do the whole thing in bikinis, make them to athletic stuff in bikinis, show clips of them fitting into bikinis, oil then up in bikinis…you get my point.  You’re telling my ratings wouldn’t skyrocket?

Well until that day here are 10 fun swimsuit competitions

The 2007 Miss Teen USA Bikini Competition

Miss Teen USA 2004 Swimsuit Competition

Miss Teen USA 2005 Swimsuit Competition

Miss USA 2008 Top 15

Miss USA 2009 Top 5

Miss USA 2006 Swimsuit

Miss USA 2004 Swimsuit Competition

Miss USA 2003 Swimsuit Competition

Teen USA 2006 Bikini Contest

2008 Miss USA Swimwear Fittings

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