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May 21 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: Get Money Yo

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Get Money

I’m not 100% sure but I think this dude is a father.  Not to mention in his Myspace Profile he put the words “Sum Gay Pic” under the picture you see up top.

A.  Is this the kind of stuff fathers write?  and B.  Is this the kind of stuff young, douchey, loser fathers who have Myspace Profiles write?

Do fathers have profile on Myspace?

I give up

Get Money Get Money Get Money

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One response so far

  • Ink Hooligan

    I’m a father, I have a myspace…I’m also a professional piercer/Body Modification Artist, so I use myspace as a promotional tool. Who doesn’t have a Myspace anymore, I mean honestly. This KID is in fact a tool, father or not…but the poster of this is in fact a moron for trying to take a cheap shot at this kid and failing miserably. Here is my advise to you poster…GO PLAY IN TRAFFIC.

    I got your back tool. lmao



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