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May 21 2009

5 Pretty Solid Elevator Pranks

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There’s just something about an elevator that makes it conducive to humor.  Perhaps it’s that it’s just a small cramped space.  I don’t know about you guys but I always feel compelled to be super quiet in an elevator.

Is it the “forced” factor?  Like your forced to be in a cramped space with people so it makes you uncomfortable?  All I know is that I can’t stand people that yap in the elevator.  Just respect the awkwardness, shut up, wait until your floor, and get off.

That’s why you really have to respect a great elevator prank.  Because when you take people for a complete 180 on that thing, it makes for some serious entertainment.

Here are 5 pretty solid elevator pranks

The Knife Wielding Psycho

How do I say this without being racist?  I love when black people take advantage of their race to pull off amazingly successful pranks.

Best Elevator Prank Ever

Um. Yeah.  Man I wish I could have been one of those suckers.  Amazing.

Born to Be Alive

Probably one of my favorite Youtube videos of all time

The Screamer

It’s just funny.

Guy Pretends to Be in the Elevator Call

How has this woman not hung up the phone yet?

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