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May 20 2009

Five Really Fun To Watch College Girl Webcam Videos

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As much as I’d like to think that none of these videos are real, one has to wonder how many of them are fake.  When you really think about it there are thousands upon thousands of college girls out there seeking attention.

One would have to think that at least some of the hot ones would be willing to post videos of themselves on Youtube.  And if not them doing the actual posting, I’m sure they might be receiving money from some company to make these videos.  Everyone could use extra cash in college.

I just hate knowing that these girls are real and that they are probably letting really ugly dudes take shots of off their stomachs as we speak.

Anyway, here are five fun college girl webcam videos

She’s a good lip syncher

It’s always nice to know they’re trying really hard to sing along with the.  Actually it doesn’t matter at all.

This Song Sucks

So annoying to listen to yet so enjoyable to watch.

Best Hot Pants Ever

Man this girl moves really fast.

Serious Booty Shaking

Yet another crappy song.  You never see her face clearly but who the hell cares?

The Infamous Ohio State Video

We all remember this one

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