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May 19 2009

It’s Nothing to Be Ashamed Of: A Gallery Computer Generated Hotties

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CG Girls

Bottom line, it’s where we’re headed folks.  And while many disagree strongly with this stuff, and I do too to a large extent, computers are running the show now, and will be even more so within minutes.   So as human interaction lessons, bring in the virtual props, reality that isn’t real, and sex that isn’t “sexy?”

I mean hell, my buddy just sent me a link to some site that advertises for a “sucking” machine if you catch my drift.  Robotic sex is becoming more real as is computer imagery of attractive women.  Take a look at that picture up top.  Does that look like computer graphics to you?

Well it is.  So as I wait for my first robot sex slave, in the mean time I can look at CG chicks and not feel bad about it.  Trust me, these girls are hot.

Enjoy the gallery

CG Girls

If this is the future of maid service….

CG Girls

Yes, I enjoy swings.

More pictures

CG Girls CG Girls CG Girls CG Girls CG Girls CG Girls CG Girls CG Girls CG Girls CG Girls CG Girls CG Girls CG Girls 

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