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May 19 2009

10 Great Moments with Bob Barker

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Bob Barker

I’m sure now that Bob Barker is retired he’ll have plenty of time to watch The Price is Right with Drew Carey.  More importantly he’ll have plenty of time to play with animals and hit on young women.   But who is Bob Barker really?

Well in actuality he’s a pretty funny dude who loves to force himself on models and treat animals way better than any contestant he ever had on the show.  So I’m guessing his penchant for women and love for animals were party responsible for his amazing personality and incredible demeanor low these many years on daytime television.

Good lord I really know how to talk some trash.  I guess that’s better than eating it.

OK, here are 10 great moments with Bob Barker

He Destroys Craig Ferguson’s Desk

The Happy Gilmore Beating

Bob Barker on His Legacy

Bob Barker Knows Best

A momentary lapse of crazy

Poking fun at himself and his retirement

Bob Barker Runs for His Life

Fast Forward to the end, it’s amazing

Barker Being Tortured

Barker Distracted by Hottie (watch his eyes)

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