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May 15 2009

Great Moments in Failed Sobriety Tests

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I don’t condone drunk driving.   In fact if there’s one thing I regret about my earlier days it’s that I’d get behind the wheel with a few drinks in me.   Luckily nothing ever happened but it’s simply not worth it and I feel horribly for anyone who’s been the victim in a drunk driving “accident.”  It’s no accident dammit.  It’s plain stupid and I think DUI penalties should be way more harsh than they are.

However, if there’s one positive side to drunk driving it’s the following scenario:  No one gets hurt.  The drunk driver is pulled over by a cop and they have to take a sobriety test in which they fail miserably.

Check out these awesome failed sobriety test videos

This guy drinks the breathalizer

This might be my favorite guy in the entire world.

Drunk Cop Can’t Even Pass Test

A glowing moment for law enforcement.

Can I Scratch My Nuts?

Count how many times he asks if he can scratch his nuts?  The leg shaking is incredible.

The Shoelace Tier

Watch it!

Hold on to that tape Buddy

Poor guy didn’t even get to start his test.

Driver Fights with Cop

Some people just don’t like these tests.

Joba Chamberlain Hates New Yorkers

Joba, you’re not a good pitcher…at all.

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