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May 15 2009

Do the Lakers Just Suck? What Gives here?

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Honestly I just don’t get it.  All the articles I’ve been reading have been talking about how Kobe relishes game 7′s and all this crap.  What the hell?  Shouldn’t a player relish all games?  Want to win all the time?  I’ll even allow the whole “saving it for the playoffs” thing.  But saving it for a game seven?  It simply makes zero sense.

I don’t know man.  Yeah he scored 32 points and maybe it was the rest of the team that just sucked, but there’s something lacking in these Lakers right now and all I can say is that I’ll be extremely pissed if it isn’t the Lakers and Cavs in the finals.   This Rockets team isn’t THAT good.  At least not even remotely close to as good as the Lakers.

Get it together guys.

That is all.

P.S.  D. Howard 23 and 22.    Guy is an animal.

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  • Tommy Boy

    I’ll tell you what it is…it’s the so called “supporting” players he has around him. Pau Ga-soft was letting Scola punk him all night! Face it, Kobe is surrounded by guys who can’t stand up to him…how are they going to stand up against guys that are intentionally trying to intimidate them????

  • Ali

    “At least not even remotely close to as good as the Lakers.”
    I dunno, last night they looked pretty damn good to me.

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