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May 12 2009

The Devil’s Swimming Pool: Victoria Falls, Southern Africa

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Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls or Mosi-oa-Tunya (the Smoke that Thunders) is a waterfall situated in southern Africa on the Zambezi River between the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The falls are some of the largest in the world

They also seem to be the most unusual in form and have beyond doubt the most diverse and easily-seen wildlife of any major waterfall site.

OK here’s something you won’t read.  Why the hell do people hang out on the edge of this thing?  There’s one particular spot where tourists “swim” and look over the edge.

I can only assume there’s something over that edge preventing people from plummeting to their death.  Otherwise, shouldn’t there be some law against this?

From September to December, due to low water levels, it is possible to swim at the edge of the falls in a naturally formed safe pool, accessed via Livingstone Island.

I guess that makes it safe?  Anyway, it makes for some amazing pictures

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

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  • Erik

    You see, in other countries, governments allow people to do what they will. The stupid perish (such as an idiot that gets too close to the edge, and goes over). In the United States, the government makes laws for the stupid, and protects them. Therefore, we have an overabundance of stupid people, that’s how our 44th president got elected.

  • kj

    Why should things that are stupid and dangerous be controlled by laws? I feel that the main factor which is introducing vast quantities of “stupidity” BACK into the gene pool are laws that prevent people from fully embracing how dumb they are.

    Want to ride a motorcycle at 140 with no helmet… GO FOR IT! Just don’t whine if you wreck, because you are the moron who took the chance. We are attempting to legislate natural selection, and I think that is a bad move. Just my 2 cents.

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  • Freddie

    I think that laws are to strict these days and i would love to do what they are doing at the moment so all of you people who call them stupid are boring and have no sense of adventure. I would love to do this one day just for the thrill. i also bet no one has died doing that yet people die in car accidents every day and do we say people who drive cars are stupid no we dont. So stop fretting and get a life.

  • my dick




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