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May 11 2009

Baby Preachers That Scare the Crap out Of Me

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Pushing religion onto people is nothing new.  And sometimes the best way to push anything onto someone is when they’re at a young age.  It’s just so easy to influence a kid that’s three years old and has absolutely zero idea what they’re saying.

I tell ya this is practically no different than parents who force their little girls into beauty pageants.  Personally I find all of this disgusting.  What kind of parents do this?

Do these kids really know the rhetoric they’re passing along here?  This child preacher crap disturbs me and here are six videos to prove it.

The Screamer – Kanon Tipton

Amen?  What the hell is he saying?

The Little Man of God

This kid has no clue what he’s saying

Little Pastor Kaleb

Amen Brother

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

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  • biff biffington

    I don’t know much, but I know this: As an athiest, I find babies screaming into a microphone for attention, and 5-year-olds reciting bible verse to be FAR LESS SCARY than children waving toy assault rifles and screaming about killing infidels.

    Your concerns over religion are ever-so-slightly misplaced, methinks.

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  • vole

    It troubles me that some of these are difficult to distinguish from their adult counterparts.

  • Anon

    So… The first two…… Not that the kids are responsible. But I got flashbacks of watching hitler speeches.. erry.

  • anon2

    I’m not for what these kids are doing, but let’s not bash religion because of it.

    Also, @Anon, flashbacks? were you alive and did you see hitler’s speeches? clarity of thought please.

  • David

    I believe children can carry within them and extra-ordinary special supernatural ability. What you see on that video is no surprise because of what God’s word say this last days. “I will pour out my Spirit upon all people” which the child is not excluded. All you need to do is just enjoy what the child preacher is doing and be connected with the Man upstairs. Awesome Grace!



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