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May 05 2009

7 Classic Moments From Spelling Bees

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I love Spelling Bee time.  It’s that classic time of year (it’s not now but I love these videos so leave me alone) when you see the dorkiest of the dorks and the classic reactions that any human would have under pressure filled situations.  It’s just great because they’re all kids.

But it’s not like the judges make it much easier.  They’re firm and tough.  And I think that also makes it even more entertaining.  All that hard work, one bad letter, and poof you go into that consolation room with all the other dorks that lost.

I’m not hyping this up anymore.   These are 7 classic moments in spelling bees.

Numb Nut?

This was classic.  And the best part is that there’s no way this kid ever used the word numbnuts before.


Great message.

Kid Impersonates Napoleon Dynamite

Hey I thought it was funny!


Hahahaha.  Sooooo funny!

Can’t Take the Pressure?

Watch it buddy.  Watch it right there.

The Best of Rebecca Sealfon

Jesus this girl’s gonna make a horrible mother someday.

Racially Charged?

Really?  Did they really allow this on television?

Smart Ass Winner – Talk About Awkward

Is this kid the biggest tool in the universe?

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